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  • 4 weeks later...

... as it flew aout of his head. It was the Demon of the Bad Pop Song! "I'm bringing sexy back!" It shrieked as it threw Mark's eye back into it's socket. Mark dropped his shield, and ran away screaming, his ears bleeding. The demon followed him around, slowly becoming obsessed with him, and eventurally killing him and getting convicted for the murder. Meanwhile, at a dirty resteraunt in Mexico, Angelina Jolie wasn't...

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Forgiveness from a random migrating Priest. However, in this case it happened to be Judas Priest who were just on a break between gigs. Thusly, heavy metal ensued but with that bright pop 80's tunesfulness to it with just a splash of early MTV. Martha Quinn who just by happenstance witnessed this occasion was known to gleefully report the following commentary.

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packed his bags and headed for mars whilst sinister music was played by the band half way down the street. "SHUT UP!" he shouted and slammed the door behind him. The music still played and could be heard from the shuttle that was taking him to mars. As he passed the moon...

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