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Post Your Christmas Tree

Sean Menefee

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here is my xmas tree!


I will post back later on with the decorations outside my house! lol They look better in the dark!


Here is my future boss, Lol!


Our Mickey Mouse Tinsel!


My ornament which I got from WDW in 1991


Tinkerbell! (My camera is rubbish please ignore the flash lol)


As u are about to find out, Our tree is very Disney Orientated... Here is our WDW ornament


This is our tree! Stupid photo programme would not let me flip vertical! Some may say messy... I say made with Love :)

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  • 1 year later...

Solstice Shrub!



We have gotten ourselves over very-first FAKE tree for this (and eventually future) season.


I am still not too sure or feeling 'okay' about it yet, and I'm curious who of you already has these kinds of trees and who still goes out to either buy a fresh cut tree, or cut one themself in one of those tree growing farms?


And opinions of each, of course.


By the way - when we get this thing up and decorated, I'll snap pix and post ASAP, Merry Mary!



(EDIT: Oops. Didn't know I was bumping this up from 2005! But the question still stands. Real or fake? Which one you like and use? And why?Also, the year in the topic title could be changed too, but I can't do that. It wasn't my thread to start. )

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Here is a photo of our tree from last year. We haven't set it up for this year yet, but we should be getting around to that this weekend.


We switched to a fake tree about 6 years ago. Finding real trees was a big pain since 17ft trees can be hard to find, and then there is the issue of it sometimes being too tall for the room, and having to cut it to fit around furniture. Also January the needles would go everywhere!


The tree now is really two 10ft trees that have been welded together in the middle. It looks a little strange since it is really narrow but it doesn't take over the room now. Setting it up is a big task, it takes about 3 hours for just the tree, and then a day for the lights and all the decorations.


*Edit* New photos of the tree posted on pg. 3

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