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Post Your Christmas Tree

Sean Menefee

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(P)osting (M)y ©hristmas (T)ree ~ Part 1


I finally talked myself into bringing down our small, slightly pitiful, but fully artificial greenery for the annual couple of weeks of LIGHTS! ~ TINSEL! ~ ORNAMENTS! ~ THE CAT! The lights were already on it, so it's really a no-brainer, to bring it downstairs, plug it in, and start from there. "Fake Tree Trimming For Dummies!"


I did have Three Brand New Ornaments to trim the tree, with. One was from Cedar Park, which some of you may have seen in my June CP TR amid the Souvenirs Section. And it was definitely a fave coaster for me, Maverick was. I even got the t-shirt!!! The next ornament closely resembled what I would think a coach for Cinderella might look like. All sparkles silver and gold, covering it. I bought it locally, but for now, it's Cindy's....no doubt about it. The third one I just picked up from...Starbucks. And yes, for those who don't know, they do come up with ornaments, too. Pretty nice ones from time to time, I have seen. But this year, they did a French Coffee Press and I had to get me one, no second thoughts at - all. I love my FPC when I get around to actually making some. I have two presses, slowly gaining more cobwebs as I type this. Eventually I'll get back to them...


So here's the start of trimming the tree. More to come in a few days, if I stop procrastinating enough about it.




In shiny, pressed/hammered brass ~ Maverick!


In the dark, with lights a-shining on it.


For really REALLY tiny cups of java. A Starbucks Original!




Both of them there, if you "Where's Waldo?" them.


The coach. A pumpkin never looked so dazzling!


Riding the Red Light! (I have absolutely no idea what that means.)


About to crash into another ornament....


~ To Be Continued ~

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PMCT Part 2


This is a fun non-ornament, I picked up last year at a Home Depot. They had a little ferris wheel with carols a-caroling,

but those were all gone. Instead, I picked up this, which now has the distinction of being called my Holiday Larson Loop.

(It was called a coaster in the packaging, so there ya go.)


Ho ho ho.


It's perfect, really. And the carols that are randomly played, one at a time, as the "coaster" goes round and round, are long ones!

They appear to last a good few verses of the carol, depending which one is playing. And the cars keep going round and round,

with the lights rotating on and off. Much fun, and although I didn't change out the batteries yet (bad bear), it's still running pretty good.


The "coaster" does need a bit of a push. But that's okay. It's A Larson Loop!


What it looks like, under harsh unflattering non-seasonal lighting.


Press the Red Button (NOT YOU, CHUCK!) and MAGIC happens!


A carol is played, the lights go round and round...


...As does my Holiday Larson Loop Coaster!

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Here's our finished tree - with nothing underneath it, LOL! We're so behind in all of this....


And a shot of the mantle piece above the fire place, which this season, has

all the cards we get from friends and loved ones.


Happy Holidays Everyone!


How it looks, for now.




This is more fun than collecting emails! (o;

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just wasn't feeling it this year (2017 was very rough to start and to end ).. and so we didn't even put out the lights, nevermind set up the tree/Hanukkah bush this year.


so instead, I just set up the Electric Menorah (tho Hanukkah is over already), and set the presents around that.


sad, I know, but it matched me feelings on the year -- despite some real highlights (such as Coastermania!).


anyways, here's our "holiday display" this year. . taken before Nick added his gifts for me under it, so the qty has doubled now.




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^ Personally I like it!! It's simple, yet elegant!


just wasn't feeling it this year (2017 was very rough to start and to end


I'm right there with you. This was a pretty rough year start to finish, so I wasn't really feeling Christmas. If we didn't have half the community looking forward to the light show I doubt I would have even put up any decorations outside.




Maybe it's just me, but even though it is Christmas eve, the Christmas music is playing, the lights are up.... It still REALLY doesn't feel at all like Christmas. It's weird... It's like I'm going through the motions... But the feeling, and "Holiday Spirit" just isn't there.

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Here's our tree for now, in December, in 2018.



Our Disney Paris ornaments, circa.2015.


Knott's (2016) framed poster ornament at the bottom, there.


One of my new TDLR Foodie Ornaments. It's really not that dull.


Goofy and the Japan Foodie Ornament, in "a better light".


A retro fave of ours. Before my hair got longer, and everything got more grey.

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we don't have our Hanukkah bush up yet - that's a task for at some point this week.


but we did get our Holiday lights up!


Hanukkah blue/white, in the front, and red/yellow/green for Nick on back patio.








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Here's our tree, a shameless exact replica of what we had here last year. Because I took it upstairs, lights, ornaments and TINSEL and all. And kept it upstairs... until this Holiday Season. Joy to My World.

Also the mantle piece. where actual C-A-R-D-S rest, above our rarely used fireplace.

And our front porch,. Tiny in view, but a lotta lights for The Season.


Here we are, tucked away, deep in The Forest. Just like a witch. Hee hee hee.


Same trimmed tree, different presents.


Cards R Us, for the season. Thanks to all who sent them.

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