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Post Your Christmas Tree

Sean Menefee

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Got ours up, a couple of days ago. And honestly, there are hardly any Theme Park Ornaments to be found on it.


But, during this last trip, me and David did something unexpected...together, for the very first time. We bought

tree ornaments, two from Amsterdam, and two from DisneyParis. Surprised us both, at the time, heh.


And the second one, he actually brought one of the cards holding them both, to me, as I already had a pair in

my own hands, lol. He just looked down at what I had, said "Cool" and took the other pair back to the rack.


Here's our tree, without "stuff" underneath .....yet.


How it always starts out in the front window.


Brought the tree down, lights already on it, and tested them out. Everything fine.

Now, to the Ornaments!... (o:


Our two Amsterdam Birds, above a now featherless-dove, we've had for some time.


A cupcake from our letter carrier! It was very nice of her to do that.


My Super Friends mini-lunch box! And the thermos, too!


Yes, Starbucks has ensnared my better judgement. Lovely little things.


Something I found at Michael's Arts & Crafts shop: A put together personal ornament for us.


The clear one, for those yummy Frappuccinos I get.


Our Disney Paris pair. He's the Wreath; I'm the Candy Cane. Who knew??? (o;


The Star over The Bear. Old ones, but we still put them up.


Photo Ornament, when we were....much younger. (o; With Calliope and Chess, our then current cats, in our laps.


A small favourite. Tree light goes inside it at bottom. Instant indoor lighting!


I bought a couple of mini-gingerhouses and mini-gingermen to hang up. They are very tiny - and edible!


More tinsel thrown on, and all is well. Actually, with it's "slight tilt" to the left,

I'm thinking maybe a Whoville Tree or something like that next holiday season, hmmm?

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^ Had to ask Michael on that question...he got it at a shop in Epping, NH while Christmas shopping with his daughter a few years ago.


Doing a Google search, I found 'The Christmas Dove' in Epping that has a ton of stuff, although this hat wasn't one of the items in their 'Tree Topper' section. Just did a quick Google search on 'Frosty's tree topper hat' and there are some similar ones that you can get on places like Amazon.


I admit that I like the hat much better than a star as those never want to stand straight up. They instead limp over like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree when he puts the ornament on it!

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I've been using a red bow because I haven't found a tree topper that I like; they all look a bit too tacky, or they flop over because they're so top heavy. But the top hat is a very cool idea.

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Its always been a tradition growing up (and now with the wifey) to open one gift the night before. Nino got a new bed and some catnip, which he is enjoying here. He also just loves laying under the tree. Merry Xmas everyone here at TPR!


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^ A store that sells them.


I'm about ready to bring my non-live tree down from upstairs, and go to work,

making it purty again with all it's lights (8 settings!) and a few new ornaments

to be added to it, this time round. Will post it all, when I get going here.


But - in the mean time - anybody want to show what they've got going tree-wise, this Season?


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