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  1. Thanks. I'll give it another look. I looked at it a few years ago.
  2. Two reasons: 1. And this is really the main reason - I personally find "counting coasters" to be pointless and stupid and even though I used to do it at one point, I would like to start encouraging more people NOT to do it, because it's just making people look like entitled assholes instead of having fun at parks, which is the point. 2. Do you remember when you'd get something like a "VHS/DVD Combo Player" and it wouldn't be a very good DVD player or a very good VHS player? I've always felt that you should stick to doing one thing, focus on it, and make it great. So really, the an
  3. This is awesome, but I'm wondering why you didn't go ahead and make it also serve as a coaster counter, since the structure is already there? coastercounter.com has several issues, with both the site and data, and the owner doesn't have any interest in fixing them (and is also hard to get a response from). I'm waiting for the day it just goes offline. I've looked at coaster-count.com in the past, but the design was awkward. I'm sure TPR could do a better job. Mitch's has been greatly missed. Looking forward to the poll. Thanks!
  4. I hope no one here got sick on the Anthem last week. http://abcnews.go.com/US/10-members-philadelphia-family-sickened-royal-caribbean-cruise/story?id=51133491
  5. I still use discs, but the only thing about TPR videos is for those available in UHD/4K, you have a resolution choice on youtube. On disc, it's either one or other other, which I'm guessing would be HD since most people don't have UHD players yet.
  6. What kind of timeframe would you guess for this will open? I'm thinking about a fall Vegas trip. I'm sure building anything in AD is slower process than normal.
  7. Banshee vs. Montu: IMO, Banshee wins, no contest. Heads up by the way, don't go from 8/7 to 9/1. Wonder if that means it's finally getting painted? And yes, I'd like that job too. I really hope this guy gets what he deserves: http://www.tampabay.com/news/courts/criminal/man-accused-in-killing-of-pinky-busch-gardens-flamingo-found-incompetent/2313603
  8. To me, Adventureland was a really nice looking park with lots of grass and tress (and water), which does make it more spread out, requiring some walking. Employees were friendly, especially the woman pushing 80 running Outlaw. Outlaw and Tornado are both great. "Dragon – This is a decent..." I never thought I'd read "decent' in the same sentence as Dragon. That thing is bru-tal. Como Town's Tiger Trax seems to be a new install, made by SBF Visa, vs. a standard hand-me-down relocated Galaxi. Pretty nice considering when I went a few years ago, all they had was an Orient Express (in the
  9. Thanks. It was fun having the giraffe's lick the moonroof, but I didn't know at the time that we were at risk of having our car torn apart.
  10. Why is that? I haven't been on the new version. Cars blocking the road maybe?
  11. So is the Little Titans rideable or not? I'll be making my one and likely only ever visit there next week. Also is there a good alternative place to park to avoid their $20 parking?
  12. For me, I wouldn't think either park needed two days, except maybe a Saturday, but if anything, I would think BGT requires more time than BGW, if you plan to see all the animal exhibits and shows at BGT. I've been to each a couple times and have done everything I wanted at each park in one day.
  13. Except a one day visit makes plenty of sense for many people. And seasons passes don't make sense for a lot of people. Do you work for the park?
  14. DW is nice but I agree that IMO it's overpriced (perhaps purposely). Admission is $74 with taxes/fees for an adult, or $86 with parking (parking fees are just another part of the admission cost). And this doesn't include the water park. There's just not enough there, IMO, for $74/$86. But obviously they can get away with it since it's usually very crowded. Tourists are already in the area, so they're going to go to DW regardless of price (up to a point of course). Holiday World is $45 and includes the themepark and waterpark, plus free parking, soft drinks, and sunscreen. Even Cedar P
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