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Post Your Christmas Tree

Sean Menefee

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  • 1 year later...

hi guys - Found this thread, and decided to bump it up, because I know some of us do have a tree trimmed in some way and/or fashion theme park/coaster-themed...or not. (o: To celebrate The Holiday Season in whatever way we enjoy.


So - this year, just a month ago, we adopted ourselves a new 'problem' for this season's (I like) Solstice Tree.


A short hair, bengal-cross, five+ month-old... female cat. We named her......STELLA!


And decided NOT to put our regular little fake tree in the living room, which I had moved upstairs from last Solstice, lights still on it, and now adorned with... various parks' ....stuff I collected through the past years touring with TPR, lol. And at its base, I put my newly-aquired gifts and souvenirs from the Japan tour I just did with Robb & Elissa & everyone, this past summer.


So, I decided It was too risky, even with a tough fake tree and lights that have lasted a few years. I think it was my nightmare of her attacking all the TINSEL on it, and trying to devour it all, that had me really worried...


So - THIS is my Solstice Tree (still upstairs and away from Her) for the Season! You can barely make out the what-nots and thing-a-ma-jigs I've got up there. But it's all tour-related. From UK in 2006, to this past Japan tour. And we have a small little tacky old aluminum decorated tree I used to have at my sorting station at work, years and years ago. It's fine (and working out, whew!) for this year, with Stella. Next year, we'll bring down the bigger one and try, when She's older.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY! (However you celebrate the season, the month, the year.)


Big Bearhugs - Bill & David & Stella


~ I see a Western STAR from Norway('06); above that, licorice stix from Denmark('09); at left, cellphone figures on cards from Japan('07)... lots of neat stuff. With Japan('11) goodies underneath. Score!~!~! By the way, map up and behind is original 1963 map of Disneyland. And personal pix on walls of (then) fave coasters. And a print copy of orig.drawing of orig.Space Mtn. behind it all! ~ Happy Solstice Greetings Everyone!

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Finished putting the tree up last night. The first time in years it has all gone up in one day.


Usually we take one day to assemble the tree, and the next for decorations.


I wouldn't have the courage to even start that job. Congrats to you and your Christmas spirit!!

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Here's my tree. It's a "hand me down" from my mom as she used to have it up in the house up north, but no use for it now since they come to Florida for the winter now and already have a tree for the house here. And yes those are my Duffy bears in front of it.



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All of these 2011 trees are awesome, everybody!


Wish there had been a few more posted by now,

but I know how everybody is busy with stuff right now,

- still, these are all really nice.


~ Best Wishes to All ~

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  • 11 months later...

Here's our tree. You can't see it too much, but it's covered with all the (ahem)

"small souvenirs" I have picked up on all my TPR Tours these past several years.


Happy Holidays Everybody!


A bit dark, but it looks real nice with the lights on. And (for example) that strap on the right hanging down, is from Hansa Park in Germany, when we visited in 2009.

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You guys' Christmas tree are awwwwwwwesome!!


I love Christmas tree. One of the amazing thing about the tree is, you could put the little things which you love on the tree.

Actually, I wanna put a Chrismas tree in my own house all year, then I'll have Christmas everyday. LOL

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  • 11 months later...

On this year's tree, I kept the many, many things on, that I have

collected over the past several TPR Tours, mainly overseas.

But last year, with a new cat on the house, we didn't put any

tinsel on it, for fear she'd eat it, etc. So, this year we did it...

...and nothing! She couldn't be bothered with the stuff. Win!


So here's a few close ups on some of what's up there.


Capsule furry tail toy; Voo Doo Doll from Tokyo Hotel Mall (AHS:Coven rawks!); and a little wind-up turtle...

from a long ago TPR Tour Goodie bag. (o:


Left: cellphone toy can of 'Magical Powder' from Lagunasia.

Right: VooDoo Doll, Central Park, Japan.


Efteling represented in the green box, surrounded by stuff, including a

questionable wrist band (lower right) from....Fuji-Q!


Hmmm. Why is this familiar? Something about....next June? :p


Near the top: a colorful mardi-gras type neck chain from the PoTC Gift Shop, in TDL.


With the lights on. Can't see much.

But it's sure tinsel...y.

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