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Photo TR: Robb, Elissa, and Derek in Vegas!


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Have a great time! And I am with Elissa....NO money in the world could get me to ride those two new rides. I did do the coaster and Space Shot a few years back at night. The view is amazing, but it is also FREAKY being so high off the ground.


Good luck with Manhattan Express. I would not ride that thing ever again for 1000 credits! It sucks sucks sucks! But I know you know that!!

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"You like that side boob, how bout this side boob, uh huh, how bout this one, you shouldnt like this side boob... because its my side boob!" -Peter Griffin

^^^ one of the funniest!!!


Vegas was where I rode my first real coaster that wasnt a Dragon Wagon type thing. If you find the Thunder Bolt ride it! It was my first coaster, i believe it is at some hotel, you can see it from the road.


cant wait for more.


you gotta ride the Thunder Bolt!!!!!!!!!! It would make my day! LOL

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Well, When I went to Vegas in September, Manhatten Express, really wasn't all that bad, I had a smooth ride in the middle of the train.

See, I keep hearing about these "smooth rides" people keep getting on Manhattan Express. I'm just not buying it! In fact, if some one could show some proof of these smooth rides, I'd LOVE to see it!


But what I CAN show you is proof of how rough the ride is.


Here is a small clip from the video we took just a couple hours ago. I apologize for the crappy quality, I didn't have my firewire cable with me, so I had to grab the footage via USB, which sucks.


But anyway, enjoy this short Manhattan Express clip.....


Manhattan Express - Smooth? NO!!!!

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Ok, so here are our photos from today (so far!)


For $7.50 you can get a "Taster" of a bunch of different Coke products from around the world.


Gone are the "cokes of the world" tasting stations, but there is a counter where you can buy coke products.


We went to go check out the old "World of Coke" to see what is left. Here is the entrance to the old museum....blocked by a GIANT coke bottle!


"Hey, baby, how much?"


"I can decide which Las Vegas trashy chick I want...the blonde or the brunette?"


Damn, too bad the woodie isn't open today. :(


Ahhh...isn't it purdy?


It's just like we're back in Europe!


"Hey, baby....wanna try out my correct weight?" *wink* *wink*


"And the correct weight for Robb would be....."


It's like Willy Wonka came to life and exploded in Vegas!


Derek SUCKS DOWN that banana with some ice cream topping! Yum!


UGGGHHHH!!!! Eggs are NOT "Elissa Friendly Food!"


"Let's give this scrambled chicken sex a try!"


"Hmm....they kind of smell like liquid chicken."


At the breakfast buffet, Elissa decided to "try a new food" and this time around it's scrambled eggs. Let's see how she does....


For the ACEr in all of us, the day started out at.....THE BUFFET!!!!




And YES!!! Berverly IS included! So technically, you CAN still get Beverly in Vegas, but you now have to pay $7.50 for it!

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And a few more photos. We're heading out for our nice Thanksgiving dinner at Lupo's in Madalay Bay in a little while, so we'll have another update later tonight!


But this is what your typical rider looks like after it's all done!


It just looks so pretty, so innocent....


I don't care what anyone else says, this REALLY IS one of the roughest coasters in the world!


Ahh, the time has come for THE credit of the trip! Manhattan Express!


And this is why Robb likes staying at Monte Carlo!! :D


Reason #2 why Elissa likes staying at Monte Carlo.


Reason #1 why Elissa likes staying at Monte Carlo.


And just in case you missed it in the other thread. Here is the video of how *cough* smooth *cough* the ride is! :D

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Wow, I actually just got back from Vegas, I was there with family from Sunday to Wednesday. I got to ride the Manhattan Express, hella rough and the mid course slowed us almost to a stop. On Monday I got to hit the Stratosphere, I took the Deuce (the bus system) from our hotel the Aladdin. And Tuesday I spent the day at the adventure dome with my cousins. Not bad, we used coupons that got us unlimited rides for 18 dollars. Slingshot was not to bad, my first chance slingshot. It was just a short program, up then down. Canyon Blaster seemed a lot more intense and was smother in the very back then in the front. Hope you guys are having a good time out there, I know I did.



ADMIT EDIT: Fixed spelling and grammar mistakes. You can get a FREE spell checker with the Google Toolbar

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