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Most Excited About?

Which 2006 Coaster Are You Most Excited For?  

  1. 1. Which 2006 Coaster Are You Most Excited For?

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I think either one of the two new woodies will take the cake for me, but I have no basis for deciding which one as I haven't been on a Gravity Group or Intamin woodie yet, so i opted to go with Voyage as I have a slight chance of being able to ride that. Speed Monster and Black Mamba do look very enticing, just I'll be lucky to get on them in my life, let alone next year.

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As far as my chances on riding goes, Kentucky Rumbler or Voyage for 2 reasons.

1. Close to my choice college that I have a chance of getting into (NKU)

2. Gives me a reason to visit each park.


Then again, Im planning a roadtrip next year that will ultimately land in SFGAdv, so El Toro is up there aswell...


Also, my definate new credit will be Avitar, simply because PKI is my homepark....dunno if I should be exited about it or not though, since no details have been anounced for it.

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since I won't be visitng many parks at all this coming season.Patriot is the only I can look foward to because it's at my homepark. All the haters should look at how "THE REAL" patriot looks now. It does look more impressive in real life than in the Animations. And it's going to be more intense than many are giving it credit for.


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I'm most looking forward to Tatsu, not just because its the one closest to me, but because its the only type of coaster I haven't gotten on yet, and there's no way I'm getting on S:UF any time soon.



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