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Ferrari World Discussion Thread

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If this place does crash and burn and ends up closing down in 2 years Formula Rossa seems like it would be fairly easy to relocate from the standpoint that it is basically located on a flat piece of land. I'm sure there are plenty of parks around the world that could find the space for a ride like that if it were to hit the used ride market at some point.

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^^ that is true, it would take the right park to be able to build it and be able to properly maintain it but I still think that having a coaster with the world record for speed at a reduced coast would be worth attempting to relocate.


I hope this place makes it because it seems like such a great concept for a park but I'm not very optimistic.

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I'm afraid this is probably only the first step. The park just can't survive. i'm sure it's losing money. I was there on their Friday night and Saturday. It was vacant both times. There were like 2 other people waiting at the gates when the place opened.


There are some decent rides there. FR's launch is in-freakin-credible. Speed of Magic is different, and fun for a go. The other two racing coasters are very unique. The log ride sure looks unique too, although it was down.


Sad thing is, that's it! There is the space shot that I skipped. But the rest of the stuff was very boring. The place had an inexplicable number or restaurants at it. But, who's paying $60 to get in to just go and eat?


The fatal flaw is that Abu Dhabi simply isn't a destination like Dubai. And FR is just too hard to get to from Dubai. It's either a car rental, which is totally unnecessary otherwise in Dubai, or a 1.25 hour taxi ride BOTH WAYS. I lucked out and got there for essentially free, but only because I was business class on Emirates.


There are grandiose plans for Yas Island, they just aren't there yet, and may never be. But, Ferrari World is already there, waiting for the guests.


Yeah, and charging almost one hundred dollars for a t-shirt, sorta limits your merch sales.



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Smart Car World


They'd need to redesign Formula Rossa so that the trains inverted when attempting to take a corner over 60 MPH.


That, and a revision of the launch to hit a top speed (of about 90MPH) after 35-40 seconds.



Actually, at one time there existed the perfect park for Smart Cars - it was located in Florida and was called Circus World - and out of those tiny cars would have come a half-dozen clowns!


But seriously, Ferrari (or any kind of car, or perhaps even sports cars in general) seems like a very thin concept to build a theme park around, especially since (unlike most theme parks) there is likely little if anything to draw families with small children to visit the park (not speaking from experience, just what I have heard and seen about the park).

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^ Actually small kids (especially young boys) are crazy about cars. My 5 year old nephew has a huge collection of Hot Wheels and I played with Hot Wheels sets and RC cars a lot as a kid. Disney and Mattel seem to be making a killing off cars and car-themed merchandise, not to mention Nascar is real popular with kids as well as adults.


From what I've heard, the park hasn't been doing as well from the beginning. Hopefully the park works something out.

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^I think they mean attractions to draw kids in, not the theme. Realistically the parks attractions are more like old Epcot with the worlds fastest coaster thrown in. When we go in April, the most exciting thing for KT will be the Chuck e Cheese type play structure.

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If you want to ride FR get there quick. Unfortunately the days seem numbered for Ferrari World. It's only going to get worse as the desert beats the crap out of everything. I think it will be near impossible to make enough money on the place to keep it looking nice. You never know though, good luck to them.

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It really is a shame that the park is struggling so much. I'm really not surprised -- the location is holding the place back.

I'm a huge car nut -- so I've been trying to go since it opened. But, the travel options are so limited compared

to Dubai.... Hopefully, I can get down there before/if it closes.

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