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Ferrari World Discussion Thread

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In the early days: Yes. But since Ferrari got bought by Fiat, it's all about selling cars for the purpose of making money.

Well, everything is sold with the purpose of making money.


I mean, yes, Fiat obviously wants to see as many GTs rolling off the assembly line as possible. But when you buy a Ferrari, you're not just buying a $200,000 supercar. There are plenty of other companies willing to sell you something similar (Lamborghini, Mercedes, Aston Martin to name a few), but with Ferrari, you're buying into their rich racing heritage. That's still the true appeal to owning one, even as a major worldwide "brand" now.


And worldwide, that Prancing Horse logo is far more important on the track than on the streets. With Ferrari, everything is still centered around the F1 program because it's arguably the most popular sport in the world alongside soccer (or "football"). The merchandising of F1-related stuff helps move everything, and success on the track is the only way that continues to happen. It's also why they took the calculated risk of licensing their name and image to a theme park located next to the final track on the F1 racing circuit calendar.


And remember, there's a reason Michael Schumacher was the most popular and highest paid athlete on the planet less than 10 years ago, and it wasn't because everyone on your block was driving a 360 Modena.


In other words, take away the F1 program and what happens to Ferrari? Believe me, whoever technically owns Ferrari (including Fiat) will always be very well aware of what's most important, and where the largest percentage of the budget will go.

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Hi Guys:


A first post although I've been lurking for a long time. I've been involved with Ferrari World for a long time. Some of the drivel that has been posted in this thread has made us all giggle though. So thanks for the laughs!


Anyway, to address a couple of recurring points...


Re - The impending sale of FWAD by Aldar. Trust me, its the best thing that they could do. Aldar got the place built (eventually), and beyond that, they have no experience in running Theme Parks, the guys at Farah Leisure who operate the park are some of the best known and respected names in the Theme Park industry and there is some incredible expertise among them. It doesn't matter who owns the building. Your concern needs to be with who is operating it. I can assure you that it is in very good hands.


For the guy trying to compare Pennsylvania and Abu Dhabi Government - Really?.... i mean, c'mon man... I refer you again to the paragraph above.


Regarding riding Rossa without the trims. Believe me, you don't want to do that. It would kill you, or at best hurt you. I'm fit, in my 20's, and I look after myself. It takes me a few minutes after riding the coaster to get my insides back into position. The only people that could ride Rossa with the trims off are fighter pilots experienced in carrier launches, and even then, they are generally sensible folks who just wouldn't. That's assuming that the cars themselves could even handle operating without the trims. As it stands, the +/- G's experienced are on the boundaries of what the AVERAGE theme park visiting human can cope with. Rossa is a monster of a coaster, and certainly one of the best in the world, if you've never ridden it, believe me when I tell you that it is quite impossible to describe. The trim at the top of the first hill is an absolute necessity and only really noticeable if you are in the first car (I have ridden it in every seat a couple of times now). If you were there when it was tested (with the trims engaged), you would know precisely what I am talking about. BeemerBoy was spot on when he said.


Let's put this in perspective, folks (or at least try to....for what it's worth). The thing launches 0-149 mph into a 170' hill. KK launches 0-128 into a 456' hill, with barely enough energy to crest the tophat. Can we really just stop and THINK about that for a moment. The trims on Formula Rossa DON'T kill the ride. They are simply there to make the first hill manageable so that your head does not explode as you reach the apex.


C'mon people. I'm a complete idiot when it comes to math and physics, but this is common sense stuff we're dealing with here.



Regarding Air Time on FR- There's plenty. I would sit in the back seats for the best experience of that though, it is VERY noticeable.


That's all from me for now



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You're very welcome guys.


Sadly professional discretion dictates that there is a lot that I cannot say, however I have every faith that the team at Farah will turn it into an even more amazing day out. In my book, the admission price is worth it for Formula Rossa alone.





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Sadly professional discretion dictates that there is a lot that I cannot say

As someone who often recommends to people that their job in the industry is worth quite a bit more than trying to right kiddies on an internet forum, I totally understand your stance.



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Not sure if this is worth mentioning, but it seems that a trip to Ferrari World was offered as a prize (but not won) on today's "The Price is Right". I wasn't paying attention, but I heard something about a 149 mph roller coaster and thought to myself "Uh...is that a metaphor or something?" Then I heard "trip to Ferrari World".

Think I'll try to get on the show in case they offer it again...

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Regarding riding Rossa without the trims. Believe me, you don't want to do that.
In my book, the admission price is worth it for Formula Rossa alone.


Agreed on both points.


Rossa is a monster of a coaster, and certainly one of the best in the world


Formula Rossa is a great ride, no question about that, but I don't think I could describe it as "one of the best in the world".


Impressive statistics alone do not make for a top drawer coaster. For me the best coasters are those which I'd happily repeat ride for hours on end; the majority of the B&Ms fit into that category for me, as do most Intamin coasters over two hundred feet, the Morgan hypers, and of course the late and lamented Eagle Fortress. As impressive as Formula Rossa is, the full speed portion stretches the limits of human endurance. Six laps was my limit, those spread over a few hours.


IMHO it is something that every enthusiast should ride once, but I can't see it being the top of any polls; personally I don't think it'd make my top fifty. Having said that, I will definitely make the effort to get back there again some day; when I'm flying to anywhere in Asia my most convenient connection is through Abu Dhabi International, and it's close enough to the airport to fit a visit into a five/six hour layover; the perfect way to loosen up after a long haul flight!


believe me when I tell you that it is quite impossible to describe.


Er... I think I can describe it... A launch that seems to go on forever; the wind blasting you in the face no matter where you are in the train; two seconds of absolute silly speeds before the hill and trim brake (which pulls a good chunk of speed off the train); then some fast and wide turns for thirty seconds or so, then a brake run?

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Er... I think I can describe it...


I was thinking more along the lines of that feeling you get when the acceleration pushes you back into the seat, and your insides stay at the platform for you to meet on the unload station, rather than a description of the coasters layout, but I get your point....

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Understood. I think it's probably fairer to say that the intensity of the top speed is like nothing else out there; correct me if I'm wrong, but I cannot think of any other scenario where people travel that fast without some form of protection from the wind, be it a helmet or otherwise.

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Ferrari World has sent us a press release regarding their latest milestone: 100 days of operation!


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the world’s largest indoor theme park, marks 100 days of operation today. The Park opened its doors to the public on 4 November 2010 and has since welcomed hundreds of thousands of guests.


“After 100 days of operation, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has exceeded all our expectations, reaffirming its position as an iconic experience in Abu Dhabi,” said Claus Frimand, General Manager, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. “We’ve seen a large number of families, racing fans and car enthusiasts, all enjoying what the park has to offer.”


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has already garnered a tremendous amount of global attention. Guests from more than 50 countries have visited the Park, as well as in excess of 1,000 travel agents and around 2,000 media representatives who have flocked to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi as the first ever Ferrari theme park gains international notoriety.


The state-of-the-art rides at the Park provide a unique experience which brings Ferrari’s spirit to a wide audience, exemplified by family friendly attractions such as Speed of Magic, one of the most technically advanced 4-D attractions in the world and the adrenalin pumping Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster. In addition to the 20 Ferrari-inspired rides and attractions on offer, stores and restaurants have gained equal popularity. Guests have snapped up the official Ferrari World Abu Dhabi products as a memory of the experience, and have made its Ferrari Store emerge as the best performer of all the Stores worldwide. Guests have also enjoyed the real Italian experience through special set menus based on the authentic ingredients from Emilia-Romagna, the region of the home of Ferrari, and the only certified Napolitana pizza in the Middle East.


On this 100th day, guests will be able to see the world premiere of the FF, the revolutionary Ferrari 12-cylinder four-seater with four-wheel drive, broadcast live in Cinema Maranello. This follows some amazing Ferrari moments in which guests to the Park also had the opportunity to experience the Grand Opening ceremony, which included an amazing multimedia show in front of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces as well as Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo; and most recently the real time streaming of the launch of the 2011 Ferrari F1™ single-seater. Many others enjoyed the numerous private events held at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, including exclusive celebrations and corporate events, making the Park one of the most sought after venues in Abu Dhabi.


Among the most distinguished guests who paid homage to the legendary marquee during its first 100 days of operation were the Scuderia Ferrari drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa; Prince Albert of Monaco; music icons Kanye West and the Jonas Brothers; Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk; Award nominated actor Jeremy Renner; UK Chef James Martin; Manchester City players Patrick Vieira, James Milner and Wayne Bridge; Australian Cricketer Shane Warne; in addition to a host of Arab celebrities including Walid Toufic, Roula Saad, Ahmed Al Sharif, Amal Bachoucha, Fares Karam and George Kordahi.


“While we’ve been overwhelmed with the success of our first 100 days, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is not a theme park which will rest on its laurels. The experience is continually being enriched to exceed guest expectations.” said Claus Frimand. “We strive for outstanding levels of quality and excellence and continuously seek to enhance the operation. We’ve been able to implement immediate modifications to the daily operation, which have already had a positive impact on the guest experience. In addition, we are working on expanding the experiences at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to continuously improve the show value now and in the future.”


“We have been pleased to see an amazing response from guests in the Middle East to such a unique theme park,” said Dave Schmitt, President & CEO of ProFun Management, a leading international group from California, USA which through Farah Leisure Parks Management, operates and manages Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. “This distinctive Park stretches the boundaries of the industry and sets the example of what is achievable worldwide,” he added.




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Just a quick update. I visited the park yesterday and everything was running really well. G force was the only ride not working. I will do a full trip report soon but thought you might like some exciting news.


You can now wear prescription glasses on formula rossa! They have goggles that fit over your glasses and hold them on tight.





Heres a POV Of made In Marinello.

They have added extra heat and wind effec ts since I last Rode.




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What's with formula rossa? The launch looks mindblowing, unreal, and totally funktacular, but the rest looks like it could put someone who ws a nervous wreck was terrified of kiddie coasters, to sleep. it looks so boring and unoriginal and looks like it has no air, no good pacing, and no sense of high speed at all or any G-forces for that matter. Just another ride built to break a record...

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What's with formula rossa? The launch looks mindblowing, unreal, and totally funktacular, but the rest looks like it could put someone who ws a nervous wreck was terrified of kiddie coasters, to sleep. it looks so boring and unoriginal and looks like it has no air, no good pacing, and no sense of high speed at all or any G-forces for that matter. Just another ride built to break a record...


The feeling of speed you get and the general sensations (after the end of the launch) match Millennium Force rather closely. If you're a fan of that ride (and I am) then you'll enjoy Formula Rossa.

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I Have heard many bad reviews from people who haven't ridden it.

It has plenty of airtime and the rest of the course does feel fast because you are close to the ground.

I personally love it, having ridden it over 20 times and in pretty much every seat an its a great ride.



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I love the ride and I´m looking forward to get back again to ride it as many times as possible! Front row with goggles and the back row with much wind, with daylight and in the evening! It was so great all the half day I was able to ride it from 5pm until 22pm!


Like Dubaidave mentioned... the launch is amazing and to be so far to the ground is a great experience while the speed is still enough! And, the most people won´t recognize the break at the top. If you don´t really know about it, you won´t talk about, I guess.

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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has launched an annual pass, which allows fans unlimited access to the theme park all year long.


From the world’s fastest roller coaster Formula Rossa to the priceless collection of vintage and contemporary Ferraris at Galleria Ferrari, the annual pass allows families the chance to immerse themselves over and over again in the exhilarating world of Ferrari, a statement said.


“Everyone has their favourite reason to keep returning. For some it’s the thrill of the rides, for others it’s the chance to learn some other fascinating fact of Ferrari history,” said Andy Keeling, park manager of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.


“For the rest it’s a great day out with family and friends to enjoy the spirit of an Italian legend right here in the UAE. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the sort of place you can keep coming back to and each visit can be different.”


The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi general admission annual pass is available for Dh1195 ($325) for guests above 1.5 metres while the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi general admission junior annual pass is available for Dh795 for those below 1.5 metres, the statement said.

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Ferrari World has laid off more than 100 employees and certain top managers as timings have been changed.


The park's operating company, Farah Leisure Parks Management, issued official letters to employees informing them of a programme of cutbacks to "meet cost reduction targets."


In addition to the elimination of 100 positions, remaining staff also face salary and benefits adjustments, which will vary according to employees' salary grades.


One of the park's six restaurants is also expected to close.


Farah Leisure said the redundancies were a result of the park's shortened opening hours. Having previously opened from noon until 10pm on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesday and noon-midnight on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday, it will now open from 11am until 8pm every day. It is closed on Mondays.


"In some areas there has been a reduction in staffing levels in line with the new timings," a spokesman said.


Visitors to the park have "demonstrated a preference for visiting the park during the afternoon and early evening hours", the spokesman said.


"Changes are required as the park moves into its second year, including new opening timings, refreshed food and beverage options and varied in-park entertainment among many other developments," Farah Leisure said.


Ferrari World, which is owned by the the Abu Dhabi government and developed by Aldar Properties, is billed as the world's largest indoor theme park with a 200,000sqm roof housing 20 rides, including Formula Rossa, the world's fastest roller coaster, reaching speeds of up to 240km/hour, and a G-Force attraction that reaches a maximum speed of 42km/hour with an acceleration rate of 3.8gs.


The park marked its first anniversary of operation this month.


This article has been amended since original publication. The Formula Rossa roller coaster reaches speeds of up to 240km/hour, not 140km/hour as originally stated.

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