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Actually, a new coaster sometimes pulls through 1 or two cars rather than an entire train. They did this to the yet to be named Thorpe Park accelerator before completing assembly of the trains.


The coaster will most likely run 5 car trains once actual testing begins.

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Was lucky enough to be at Movie World on Thursday and see it being pulled down the hill of the first camel hump and into the enclosed overbank for the first time. While only the front two cars being pulled through looked quite strange, the colours of the train work really well with the red track and blue supports and it looked really good.


Superman will no doubt be the best coaster in Australia - and will definately be very popular with the guests. It has the best location in a park that any ride could ever ask for - I find it always good to look around at all the people standing around the fountain looking up at the top hat, pointing and trying to work out how it works since the general public here does not know how such a ride works - I think the concept of not having a lift hill throws people off.


I really, really can't wait til December! And out of curiosity, whilst I have heard that the 16th will be the official launch date - when will the general public opening be? the next day? or the traditional Australian opening day of Boxing Day (26th)?

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I am so happy that a fellow enthusiast gets the first ride. It will be a lot more appreciated than if it were just a regular person. Very glad you got it, and I hope that you have a great ride in, gap, a MONTH, which really isn't all that far away.

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