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Which political party do you belong to?

ScOtT k

Democrat, Republican, or other?  

  1. 1. Democrat, Republican, or other?

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I put down democrat. And yes I am quite interested and informed about politics. Although I'm a bit surprised to see a thread like this here since it has the potential to be very polarizing. But still, it's sorta interesting to see what everyone is.


So far our poll looks to be similar to the real polls. 50-50 with a few in the 3rd party category. Although its way too early to tell if this pattern will continue.

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I'm a Registered Republican, though I Don't just Mindlessly Vote the Ticket.


Whatever Party you "Belong" to, what matters most is that you do in fact VOTE during an Election!


So many people like to complain about this issue and that, but they Never Bother to Vote!


For those of us who Live in the United States, a Country Founded on Democracy and Freewill, you have the Option to Express your Personal Opinions thru Your Right to Vote.


So take the Time Todo So! Because as a Citizen of the United States you do have a Say in What Happens in this Great Country!

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Socially liberal, yet economically conservative. What would that make me? Libertarian? (I vote Democratic either way, so I guess it doesn't matter).


Progressive. A good majority of people fall into this catagory, but there really isn't a current party that caters to this.

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Democrat, but I didn't register to vote this year... Going to college screwed up a lot of things, however I do have my Selective Service card . Yay...I am for the most part a left-ward thinking person but there are some topics where I have to agree with the elephant. Mostly donkeys though...

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