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Karacho at Tripsdrill is 700 meters long, 30 meters high and has 4 inversions - maybe a slightly bigger layout of Gerstlauer Launched Infinity Coaster...


Both Lynet and Anubis are totally awesome, and Karacho looks just as awesome as well. I don't really mind a clone of any of them, or a fully costumed layout.

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Someone on the finnish forum picked this up: they are building a funhouse themed after a construction site for this season. Here's the link to the manufacturer's (Gosetto) website.


I really wish I'll get to visit Power Park this year as it has been three years already since my last visit. I'd also like to see this new funhouse, since I've never seen any ride themed like this. Sounds like a really good investment!

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Damn it! I actually got excited to see the thread bumped, I was hoping for construction photos


The park is in a very small place, kinda placed a bit off. Unless there is an enthusiast living closely (seriously doubt it) I don't think we will see any photos until the park releases them.

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We are just as excited in the finnish equivalent of TPR forums! Sadly there aren't too many enthusiasts living nearby to take any pics of the construction. Although I guess there hasn't been much vertical work done yet due to winter, just pouring and curing of the concrete footings. I'd guess this coaster won't open with the park, but a few months later, during June. But let's hope I'm wrong and this beast is already conquerable right from the beginning of the season!

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So according to Coastersandmore this will have an invereted top hat and Gerstlauer's take on a norwegian loop.

Here's the layout!



  • - rolling launch
    - top hat
    - a hybrid of a Norwegian loop and Thriller's first loops
    - mid-course brake
    - horseshoe
    - buckel
    - dive loop
    - corkscrew


© Gerstlauer

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Yeah that's a normal top-hat (contrary to what Coastersandmore is stating) and a very stretched loop. The first dive-loop looks almost non-inverted too, more like a dive than an inversion.


So to sum-up, this looks like a great and quite unusual layout! Looks tall as well. Very intrigued and interested.

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Looking very good indeed! I'm very excited to have a proper launch-coaster finally in Finland (well we have a Zamperla MotoCoaster but...) and a tophat as well! It doesn't matter to me whether this will use Infinity of Euro-Fighter trains, but if they look nearly as cool as Karacho's, it'll be a new centerpiece for Power Park for sure.


But wait, there's more good news: somebody on the finnish forum published a panorama taken from the new Kwai-bridge:


(Source http://www.huvipuistoseura.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1474&sid=059d5bc94230ba73f961cd552db05695&start=30)


Judging from the footers and what I guess will be the new station building, it looks like the double-loop-thingamajig will go around the Kwai-bridge, twice! Then the tophat will be near the entrance road to the park and provide excitement to everyone. Also the last dive loop seems to dive into a trench like Karacho. Track colour appears to be green (me like!)


As if I wasn't already going to visit Power Park because of Thunderbird, this new beast could even get a place in my top-10! Literally cannot wait for this to start going vertical

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That is an AWESOME layout! Congratulations to Finland, you really deserve this ride! Hopefully the other parks will follow.



A question, how much of this ride will be above water do you think? Anac0nda?

I never been to the park


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Oh yeah, I didn't even remember that the park has an artificial water body right there! Comparing my picture from last summer to the picture of the construction area, it looks like the area with black gravel could be covered with water. You can barely see the blue ride on the construction photo, which is the same ride as the one in my photo. You can also see the wooden pier on the right to help connect the photos. Although only about a meter of water (three feet), the reflection effect will still be there. The water ride also shares the same water body, but it has concrete walls as well to prevent other than surface water from interacting with the ride. Anyway, the coaster will look even more awesome with reflections and an underwater tunnel! Just imagine going through the norwegian-loop -element, wrapping twice around the bridge, all this while also traveling above water


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