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Glenwood Caverns Discussion Thread

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^Thanks. So they are redesigned, interesting.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the Orlando Freefall used those same Gerstlauer OTSRs. Maybe Gerstlauer is doing away with them for new rides entirely. And the park probably went away from lapbars (I think it was announced to have lapbars initially?) because of the Haunted Mine Drop incident and the associated bad press from the very minimal restraints. Either, or both, would make sense.

Excited to ride this someday. The location can't be beat.

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Unfortunate they deviated from the lap bars, but I get it. Glad Gerstlauer has redesigned the OTSRs though--their original design certainly wasn't comfortable.

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13 hours ago, CedarFlags said:

Saw the POV and the views are spectacular but holy moly this ride is SHORT.  From cresting the lift to hitting the brakes, it's about the same length as Kingda Ka or  SFMM's Superman.

Most Eurofighters are

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Oh it’s open! Idk why but kinda been quietly waiting for this one (partly bc it’s fascinating to see a coaster like this at such a small unusual park and partly gives me more reason to finally visit CO). Not sure I’ll make it this year but cool to know it’s open. Looks great, Deff very short and you would hope for another hill, element something but given the small park size and location…I get it 

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Drop tower is open again. 

"The ride has been re-themed, re-structured, re-designed and re-named. Although the same tower-drop-style ride, it has undergone extensive structural and procedural changes, officials from the Glenwood Cavern Adventure Park said in an email."


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