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The Great Escape (TGE) Discussion Thread

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I am pretty sure that there is some legality that allows Six Flags to remove and move the rides. For example, for Batman, now Goliath, (according to Wikipedia) it was refurbished and bought by SFFT.


Personal opinion warning....better it go to a park where it has a real chance of operating again.....again, personal opinion.

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I’ve had a few drinks but this is the scenario as I imagine it. I’m at least 0.001% sure this is what happened but in my head it’s 100% what happened because that’s what I choose to believe. The

So they went to that area of the park with the perpetually-broken-since-forever-low-capacity-that-has-to-close-early-if-it-actually-opens Alpine Bobsleds and the Ferris Wheel looking for something to

The businessman in me agrees, but the coaster nerd in me would much rather preserve one of two Intamin bobsleds remaining in the world.

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^ SF owns Batman The Ride (now Goliath at SFFT). SF purchased "Gambit" from Thrill Valley. They then put it into SFNO as Batman The Ride.T hey added the coaster in 2003.


Why do you honestly think the park will not reopen? SF already has contractors gutting buildings in the park. Give it time.



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^ I really REALLY hope thats not the initial launch, and that there still tweaking it.


Oh and now that I re-read the description, it sounds alot like Dr. Dooms Fearfall at IoA, and I LOVE that ride, but the theming kinda makes or breaks it.

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Here's a video from youtube of testing... looks like their still painting as well.


Those are the actual colors, I was hoping it be atleast a bit darker.

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^ I really REALLY hope thats not the initial launch, and that there still tweaking it.


Oh and now that I re-read the description, it sounds alot like Dr. Dooms Fearfall at IoA, and I LOVE that ride, but the theming kinda makes or breaks it.


That's the Turbo Drop side. I was on both of the towers today, they suck. There are alot better S & S towers out there. The themeing is pretty good though,

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Coming in 2012 – Alpine Freefalls at The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom


LAKE GEORGE, N.Y., (September 1, 2011) – The Great Escape’s popular outdoor water park, Splashwater Kingdom goes big in 2012! The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom today announced plans to add Alpine Freefalls, a two level water slide complex set to open May 2012. The new attraction will boast the park’s first free fall speed slide with Skybox technology and the Northeast’s first of its kind mat racer.


Guests will face their biggest fears when they take on the double black diamond Cliffhanger water slide. Perched six stories high, riders will count to three before the floor drops from below, plunging them at speeds of up to 32 mph down an 80 degree drop into six inches of water. The plummet slide will complement the popular Tornado water slide, offering thrill seekers the ultimate water park adventure.


For those looking for a little competition, Twisted Racer is a four-story, four-lane race through enclosed tunnels, giving guests the chance to compete with friends and family at speeds of over 25 feet per second. Riders will race on mats through pretzel shaped tubes before opening up into a final drop and a straight shot to the finish line where each competitor’s time will be displayed on LED boards.


“Alpine Freefalls will offer our guests an extreme water ride experience combined with friendly competition,” said Don McCoy, President of The Six Flags Great Escape Properties. “We believe this multi-slide attraction will be a great enhancement to the water park and offer guests an attraction that is as fun to watch as it is to ride.” McCoy added, “From our coasters and shows, to our two children’s areas and free water park, there is no other theme park in the area that offers the tremendous amount of thrills we do for one price.”


More information about Alpine Freefalls will be released during a hard hat tour of the attraction’s construction site in the spring of 2012.


Splashwater Kingdom, including the all-new Alpine Freefalls is free with park admission or season pass. 2012 Season Passes are now on sale. Buy yours today for $49.99 and visit during the rest of the 2011 season, including Fright Fest, FREE. Also, when you purchase four or more season passes, get FREE parking for the 2012 season. Offer ends October 30, 2011.


About Six Flags Entertainment Corporation

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation is the world’s largest regional theme park company with 2010 revenue of nearly $1.0 billion and 19 parks across the United States, Mexico and Canada. Six Flags Over Texas, the company’s flagship location, is celebrating its 50th anniversary season in 2011.










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I have ridden those slides at Great America. I will admit, they were scary the first time I rode them, but I will never go on them again. Mainly because the drop is scarier than any drop tower I have ever been on, and I know what will happen when the floor drops (instant freefall) so I don't mind skipping it.


The claustrophobia thing does happen in the capsules, it's very tormenting

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This interesting piece of news from wnyt.com



Great Escape announces private-label wine

Submitted by Emma Levine

Monday, December 19th, 2011, 10:33am


Six Flags Great Escape Lodge has announced its own line of private-label wine produced by Adirondack Winery.


The wines will be sold exclusively at The Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Water Park and will include Log Cabin Chardonnay, Rustic Merlot, Lodge Red (Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon), Blushing Escape (White Zinfandel) and Adirondack Strawsling (Stawberry Riesling).


“We are proud to show our support of locally-made products with the debut of this exclusive line of wines created for us by Adirondack Winery. We are confident that our guests will not only be pleased with the variety and uniqueness of these wines, but also their unequivocal quality,” said Eric Gilbert, general manager of The Lodge.

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Cold climate wine nasty? Ontario (Niagara) has AMAZING wines. And for a treat, our ice wine is great too! (If you like super-sweet wine)


I had my first visit to Great Escape this summer and thought it was a beautiful park. I may have to go back to this park and include a stay at the resort. If I do, I'll be sure to have a sampling of their new additions.

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You should check out the Finger Lakes wine trails and the Erie-Chautauqua wine trails. They are great. Especially Hazlitt (Red Cat Wine) and Wagner's on the Finger lakes and Johnson Estate on the Erie Trail. Excellent wineries.


I'm as much of a Wine-o as a Coaster enthusiast


Other thing to remember is that many of the California wineries source their grape juice from New York vineyards. Especially in Erie because they supply to a bunch of different grape related companies. Welch's all comes from the Erie-Chautauqua region.



Finger Lakes Heaven, Seneca is especially beautiful with great wineries

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^Yeah, and the Rhine Valley looks great as well, but most of the wine I tasted from there was terrible. It's a bit cold there as well.


^^Does Canadian wine come in a bag like your milk?

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The slides location seems really out of the way. I know their is a restroom and the path to the picnic shelters over their but ride or slide wise theirs not much close I wonder if their going to just bulid the que line on the side deck of the wavepool. Also the park need to put a dry ride or two back near the comet if you have been to the park you know what im saying when i say the comet is in a very odd location, the whole front of the great escape is just the theme park and then behind that is the water park and then all by itself behind that is the comet. The park was talking about moving the swing ride around where this freefall slide is being built a few years back but they never followed threw. It would really help if their where a few rides to attract more people back by the comet which despite being the parks best ride by far rarely has over a couple train wait.

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Energy makes a big splash

A high-voltage transmission system allows Great Escape to easily upgrade park's rides



QUEENSBURY — Amusement parks have to continuously be coming up with new rides and attractions to keep people coming back — and The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom in Queensbury is no exception.

"Every single year, we continue to add things and create additional demand," Don McCoy, president of The Six Flags Great Escape Properties, said Monday as he and busy workers were getting ready for the park to open next month. "We want something new to talk about every year."

This year, that's going to include an "extreme" water ride known as Alpine Freefalls that includes the Cliffhanger, a slide set six stories in the air that drops its passengers at an 80-degree angle — giving them the sensation they are in a 32 mph free-fall.

But the annual addition of new rides like the Alpine Freefalls this year or the Sasquatch two seasons ago, could not be sustainable had the park not upgraded its electric infrastructure.

Last year, the park had National Grid install a substation for the first time that can feed up to 5 megawatts of power from National Grid's high-voltage transmission system into the facility — roughly the equivalent needed for about 650 homes.

But before that, the Great Escape was simply on National Grid's local distribution network like any other business. But as rides and new attractions were added, new service lines kept having to be built into the park, an inefficient and unwieldy solution to dealing with the park's constant expansion.

It also made it difficult to plan the park's future operations. John Murphy, a National Grid manager in Glens Falls who manages the Great Escape's account, said the park "always invited us in early" to be informed of new rides before they were announced publicly so the utility could ensure enough power could be supplied.

"We were at the limits of our power in certain areas," McCoy said.

Now, with the park's new substation, which taps into a sub-transmission line less than a half-mile away at Round Pond, National Grid has also been able to free up 4 megawatts of power on the local distribution system that will allow for added reliability and capacity for new businesses and residential developments, all of which helps grow the Great Escape's local season-ticket base. The park recently lowered the season pass price to $59.99 per person for a family of four and is also allowing people to make monthly payments instead of paying the whole bill all at once.

"Our community is very, very important to us, all season long,'' McCoy said.



Click Here







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