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New coaster for Wildlife World Zoo in Phoenix

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Just got some construction photos in! If there is one thing Arizona could use is more coasters! The new expansion at the zoo will include a few different family rides with the coaster being a main draw. Sounds like an exciting project for the park! Here is the info they sent me:


We are currently underway with building the new roller coaster as well as several other attractions, including the vertigo swing ride, soaring eagle and flying scooters. The coaster is going to be a Chance Family Coaster and has just begun construction. We hope to have the new Adventure Land area of the zoo open by early 2016.


Please be sure to like their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WWZAq



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So, it's like those Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blasters rides at Six Flags in Texas and Georgia? Sounds good--they are better than your average kiddie coaster.

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I really liked the little rides section at the Indianapolis Zoo and it gives families something else to do at the park and could expand the time they spend there. I love seeing parks like this create new areas and expansions to include rides.

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There's a zoo by my house (the Staten Island Zoo) that recently added a carousel, and it seems to be a hit with families. I can see them adding another ride or two in the coming years, but I doubt they'd ever add a coaster. But I agree, adding rides to zoos are very good ideas.

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It's nice to see some zoos expanding with rides sections!


I thought the area at Columbus Zoo was very well done and I liked the looks of the new merry go round at the Cleveland Zoo when we visited last year. Speaking of the Cleveland MetroParks Zoo, I think that this is one of the more underrated zoos in the country. It is hilly, but really unique, clean and with lots of trees. It would be neat to see them expand where the section of the merry go round is with a few more rides and perhaps a smallish family coaster.


The merry go round at the Cleveland MetroParks Zoo.

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Family coasters are neat to me for a variety of reasons. First, as an enthusiast they can be some of the best giggle coasters out there where you ride with non-stop laughing. Second, as someone who committed to a long term career with a family park I know family rides are what we need to do best with. In my opinion, family coasters need to balance kid-friendly with not inducing discomfort (due to tiny cars), pure boredom, or incredible lameness for parents. Family coasters even look better in advertising than standard oval kiddie coasters. For example (standing on my soapbox), Comet at Waldameer does this perfectly in which it's not scary for young children, but it's not something adults will feel crushed and uncomfortable riding with children. Adults even find it a very fun ride despite it's fairly tame nature. A win for everyone. From the few pictures circulating, it looks like Chance designed something that is big enough that kids will love it and not be too scared to get on it, and parents will also find it enjoyable.

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