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Coasting for Kids 2019--Be Part of Team TPR!

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Had a great time at Cedar Point today! Only met a couple other Team TPR people but hey it was still fun to see all these people riding for the cause.


I'll post more once I'm home home and can sort my pix.

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Jason and Chuck are awesome I had a great time with them at KD today. I'll have lots of pictures and review this week at some point. The review will include our ability to break every ride.

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Some pics from Cedar Point!


Looking snazzy.


Signs outside the rides during the day.


A little bit of history...


More ride time!


We had 2hrs on this wonderful coaster.


2 fun exciting hours.


Had to take a pic of Gatekeeper.


3hrs on Gemini. 99% good, 1% bad when you get a hard brake into the station.


We had fun racing the non coasting for kids train.


Team TPR (I know there was one more there but they didn't say hi but was standing near us in the big group picture)

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Here's a short update from Kings Island!



According to the website, there were 60 participants for Coasting for Kids at Kings Island. Not everyone stayed on the Red Racer all day, but Team TPR kept at it for 55 rides, along with a few others who probably beat us out by just a handful of laps!


Team TPR had a great day and helped raise over $2400 for Give Kids The World. We made sure we earned that money for the kids, though, and stayed on Red Racer almost non-stop from 10AM-noon and then 1PM-530PM.



Pulling out of the station for one of over 50 rides on Red Racer.


Our home for several hours!


We did get an hour break for lunch, which is good, because I was starting to feel a little off. After lunch, I was good to go for the rest of the event!



Hey look! It's not fried chicken and hot dogs!


Our marathon session was helped along by an awesome ride op -- thanks Brian for your enthusiasm and awful jokes!



Kings Island ride op Brian, on Coasting for Kids: "This is my favorite work day of the year!"


We'd add more rides in later, but the marathon ended up with 55 rides for Team TPR -- a total of 35.6 miles on the Red Racer!



Team TPR waits for ride #30... or #40... or #46... or, well, they all kind of meshed together after a while.


In the evening, we had another ride session on the Blue side of Racer, and got to try the infamous water challenge. You get a cup of water at the start of the ride. How much can you keep in the cup by the time you pull back into the station?



My first time ever trying a water challenge on a roller coaster! How did it go?


...not very well, at least on the first attempt!


The aftermath of the water challenge: more water on the seats than in the cups.


After a couple final rides on Red Racer, we headed to Banshee for five night rides before leaving the park.



A rare shot of the entryway with nobody in the picture.


In all, the participants at Kings Island raised over $15,000 for Give Kids The World! This was my first time participating, and it was a great experience. It's for fun, and it's for the kids, and it's a whole lot of coasting.



Thanks to Kings Island, Don Helbig, and the rest of Team TPR for a great day!

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Some photos from Knott's Berry Farm!



Good morning Knott's! Ready to go Coasting For Kids?



Taking a morning stroll over to Coast Rider for our first session of the day. The weather was just about perfect for us in the morning.



Knott's was kind enough to put out this great breakfast spread for us to enjoy in Coasters during our time to ride Coast Rider.



After breakfast, it was time for Team TPR's first rides of the day!



We're looking pretty fresh for having just done 20+ rides on a wild mouse, wouldn't you say?



Afterwards it was group photo time. You can probably figure out where Team TPR is lol



We reduced Jaguar! to one train op for the day guests, but those who asked and learned about what we were doing didn't mind the additional wait at all!



Some Xcelerator goodness while Jaguar! is down? Why not?



After a short downtime, Team TPR was back on Jaguar! and appeared to be having way more fun than the train filled with day guests!



Lunch was set up on the former Windseeker plot. Since it's Knott's, our lunch included Mrs. Knott's Famous Fried Chicken and lots of cold drinks and granola bars. That was perfect since the heat came on during the afternoon. We really felt the love from Knott's throughout the entire day!



After lunch came the long haul on Jaguar! from about 1pm all the way through until 5pm. At least one member of Team TPR was on every cycle for the entire time!



Lift hill porn! Front Seat View of my 60th ride on Jaguar! of the day.



Team TPR still standing after 80+ rides on Jaguar! and 100+ rides overall throughout the day. Way to go Team TPR!



Overall Knott's Team TPR raised a total $2,745 for Give Kids the World. This was my first time and I had a blast. I nearly tripled my record for most coaster rides in one day, and all to help make a difference in the lives of the kids who GKTW supports and their families. How awesome is that? Also can't thank Knott's Berry Farm enough for all they did for us to help support us and make the event possible.


Also I want to thank TPR and Nick for doing a great job facilitating things and everybody here on TPR who donated to my page. I couldn't have been there without all your great support.


To anyone who hasn't done this before but is considering it, DO IT! It's for a great cause and is a great experience. Can't wait to do it all again next year!

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Had an awesome day at Valleyfair today with biker6 and Hayley (Congratulations on your outstanding fundraising, by the way) ! It started off with a couple of rides on Wild Thing, then we headed to High Roller and marathoned it for an hour! I think we got 16 rides on High Roller (The chain also stopped! Yay!).


After that, we headed to Wild Thing and I think we got about 16 rides in this, and it was really fun (This was the fastest hour of the day. We were very surprised when the ten minute warning came.). The lift on this also stopped...


Finally, we spent an hour on Renegade! It was pretty bumpy today, but it was manageable. I think we got about 10 rides during this hour. Also, I found out that there is a train with new coushins on it, and it makes the ride A LOT more enjoyable!


Overall, it was a great day! One more thing that was awesome...


Team TPR raised $4,580, over half of what all Valleyfair participants raised!

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Jason and Chuck are awesome I had a great time with them at KD today. I'll have lots of pictures and review this week at some point. The review will include our ability to break every ride.


Thanks for the compliment! It was great to meet you guys too. Thanks for breaking Volcano so we could get that awesome exit pass!

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So, yeah I realize I am a weeeeee bit late. But hey, it's only been 10 days. Figured I'd give a brief trip report on Coasting for Kids from California's Great America! Here goes...


My friend/co-rider and I arrived at the park around 8:45 (for 9am check-in) to see several other CFK participants waiting outside the parking lot gates ready to go in. They didn't let us in until around 9:15 or so, but that still gave everyone plenty of time for check-in for the 10:00 start. We were greeted by Roger Ross, CGA's awesome PR person who has been great to us each of the past several years during CFK!


10am hit, and Roger gave us a brief rundown of how things would be running for the day. As it has been the past couple of years, we were split in to two groups, with one group starting off on Flight Deck and the other starting off on Demon...and then switch after lunch. My friend and I chose FD, since we had a sneaking suspicion we would have a headache after a couple of rides on Demon. But before that, we were ushered to Gold Striker for the first two laps of the day. That has been a nice bonus start to the Coasting for Kids day each year since Gold Striker was built. (it was an awesome ride as always)


Procedure for us was the normal 2 rides on/1 ride off, although the Flight Deck crew had a bit of a rough time getting in to a groove with us at first, so sometimes we missed a lap. Operations were a bit slow, so instead of the normal 40 laps we get in during this event, we only got in 20, and even those who stayed on the entire time got a max of 25 laps. Overall, the crew was friendly, and they were trying their hardest...no complaints whatsoever. My friend and I decided after our 20 lap bathroom break to make our way towards the lunch area since we knew we weren't going to get many more laps in.


Lunch was served at Maggie Brown's (We were very excited when we heard this first thing in the morning...perhaps that is why were anxious to head over early. Award ceremonies were held for top fundraisers. Two of the top 3 were Team TPR members. As always, Chase raised a crazy amount and made our team look good. Go Chase! Upon chatting with everyone during lunch, it turned out that the majority of the other half (including Chase) did an amazing 37 laps on the Demon. I feel bad for their heads that night.


Here is where I have to admit that our group had quite a bit less stamina than the morning group on Demon, because after lunch we had to get off after just two laps. I wasn't feeling like heading home with brain damage that day. Fortunately CGA had provided us with Flash Passes for the day, so we were able to get in a bit of everything else, as well as enjoy the Aerial Ice Extreme show (always fun no matter how many times you see it).


Overall an awesome day and lots of money raised for the cause!


Waiting to get in the lot!


The early Flight Deck crew. 3/4 of Team TPR for the day in row 26.




some Gold Striker nerdiness on the way to lunch.


Maggie Brown's yummy goodness sent from heaven.


Chase receiving his award for top fundraiser!


Team TPR!


One of our two rides on Demon. I'm disappointed in myself for not trying at least 5. ...but ouch.



I take my bumper cars seriously.


Horrible quality pic of Aerial Ice.


And some funnel cake to end the day.

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  • 7 months later...

Here is the email that is going around. While it's true that "Coasting For Kids" isn't happening this year, that doesn't mean there might not be another GKTW driven charity event at parks. Like the email says "Stay Tuned." So I just want to squash any rumors that C4K is totally "dead" but it may come back under another format.




For those of you who don't know, Cedar Fair is now working with another charity so that means some changes for the event with Give Kids The World. Anyway, stay tuned...

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I can confirm after hearing from several folks that this is indeed true, and it looks like Coasting for Kids, as we've come to know and love here, will no longer be happening. It sounds like plans are being worked on by GKTW to look for an alternative, so here's hoping they have success in that regard. I have not been shy on here with expressing my AVID support of the Give Kids The World organization as a whole, and this event in particular. This event/cause has become a passion of mine, and that was one reason why I was thrilled to help organize Team TPR's efforts over the last couple years. You should all be SO PROUD of the amazing work you've all done in helping us as a team raise so much money for this exceptional cause! Do not discount how much of a direct impact you've had on the lives of these children who truly need and deserve what GKTW offers considering what so many of them are going through.


I don't want to speculate too much until more details are known, but from what I've heard, this decision was made by Cedar Fair. If that's the case, then I truly do not understand the move and decision, and it is disappointing to me to say the least. Perhaps I shouldn't feel that way, I dunno. But, for my 2 cents, I feel like it is a pretty crappy decision by Cedar Fair to move away from hosting this event, imho. And this has nothing to do with just getting to ride a lot while participating. For me, this has to do with the impact we were helping to make for a cause that needed it. To me, it just doesn't feel right for Cedar Fair to (on the surface anyway) just turn away from this cause after 7 years of making a positive impact. Why wouldn't you, on simplest terms, want the good PR from continuing to support such a cause?? I just don't understand it.


In any case, THANK YOU again to all those who have participated for Team TPR in support of GKTW and their mission! You are all wonderful! I will certainly continue to advocate for and support Give Kids The World for all the incredible things they do, and I'd welcome you all to do the same!!


EDIT: I see Robb posted in before my post went up, so there's all the confirmation you need! I'm hopeful he is right and another version of Coasting for Kids happens in the not too distant future!

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Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I wish GKTW all the best in coming up with an alternative to this event. This is one event I looked forward to every year. The fundraising, the riding with friends, to meeting wish families at the park, and hearing their stories. Everything together made this event what it was.


But I do hope that GKTW gets to work something out. I just feel bad for the fact that the amount of $ that GKTW won't be getting (directly from this type of event). I mean TeamTPR over the years have donated amazing amounts of $ to this cause, and to potentially not have that, makes me a little sad.


Thank you GKTW for a great event, and I look forward to what you come up with.

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Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I wish GKTW all the best in coming up with an alternative to this event. This is one event I looked forward to every year. The fundraising, the riding with friends, to meeting wish families at the park, and hearing their stories. Everything together made this event what it was.


But I do hope that GKTW gets to work something out. I just feel bad for the fact that the amount of $ that GKTW won't be getting (directly from this type of event). I mean TeamTPR over the years have donated amazing amounts of $ to this cause, and to potentially not have that, makes me a little sad.


Thank you GKTW for a great event, and I look forward to what you come up with.



Agreed 100%, on all points of this! I too look forward to whatever future version of C4K GKTW comes up with, and I will be there supporting it as passionately as before!

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Bummer loved this event. Loved what it supported. Loved meeting new TPR people! I hope something is done soon, but I'm sure most of us will still make a donation toward GKTW no matter if we get to ride or not.


Thanks for the update.

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I'm with everyone else being disappointed that Coasting for Kids isn't continuing in it's previous form. Very hopeful that an alternate fundraising event is coordinated to support GKTW as suggested.


Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the new charity that Cedar Fair is partnering with is? As a fan of GKTW I'm going to support any efforts to raise money for them, but that doesn't exclude other good charities from existing and needing help as well!

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I stumbled across this post on another site with some more detail on the new direction for Coasting for Kids.....and I have to say, I was perhaps a bit too harsh on CF with my initial assessment. It sounds like they will still have a working relationship with GKTW, just not hosting the event itself. This also is in line with what Robb broke to us last week - that the event may possibly still happen in 2016! I'm not looking to promote other sites or any of that stuff, but this information seemed pertinent and worth sharing, especially considering this wonderful cause and event. I for one think we're all on one big team when it comes to Coasting For Kids.....from us here at TPR, to ACE, CoasterBuzz, or any others teaming up to raise funds for the great folks at GKTW!!


Here's the pertinent excerpt:


"Cedar Fair's relationship with GKTW is changing. The company will not host Coasting For Kids this year, and is instead taking on an exciting new reunion event for the village at a number of its parks. Cedar Fair's participation has helped raise more than $600,000 since 2009, and we're grateful for their leadership in getting the event off the ground. Their new role will provide closer interaction with wish families, and of course they will continue to participate in the Village's Passport program.


That means that this year's event will take place at different parks, with the potential to go global. One park has already committed, and we're having discussions to do more. The most exciting change is that this will no longer be a one-day event."


Looking forward to hearing an update from Robb on what's in store!

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