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Planet Coaster (PLC) Discussion Thread

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... I may or may not have already dropped the extra $45 last week after the pre-order to do just that. I'm trying not to sound like a Planet Coaster fanboy or anything, considering I now have all three theme park builders (RCTW at a reduced price, thankfully).


That said, I've been digging it so far! Much more user friendly and appealing to the eyes than RCTW. You can get INCREDIBLY detailed with theming, and it's very easy to pour countless of hours into doing just that! The coaster builder is easier to use than RCTW as well. They just need to allow vertical sections, like what a lot of people have been mentioning.

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Everything is awesome except the weird queues that you can't make zig-zags easily with, and the paths that won't connect to eachother when they're right next to one another.

Paths shouldn't turn red when building, they should just merge no matter how you put them.

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Will there be a Mac OSX model for this? I'm loving all these new coaster games but am a little bummed I can't get them yet. But I guess if I want gaming I should get a PC, right?


Dual booting on a Mac is no biggie, all you have to do is pay for a copy of Windows (assuming you're not a pirate -arrr!).

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I bought the early alpha edition for Planet Coaster I'm excited to wait and see what the game is going to offer in full release when it's complete. I watched you tube videos on Planet Coaster people who made the videos are extremely excited about the game coming out I would take Planet Coaster over Rollercoaster Tycoon World needs some improvements.

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It bothered me whenever I saw a YouTube gamer do amazing stuff with the scenery within the game, thinking completely outside the box, but incorporate some really ugly-looking coaster layouts! With the potential the game already has with trackwork, it hurt to see this! Mine is kinda the opposite (hopefully). More or less inspired by Vekoma loopers, mostly Ninja from SFOG.








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