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What's your favourite part of the ride.

What's your favourite part of the ride?  

  1. 1. What's your favourite part of the ride?

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I thought it would be interesting.


I have ridden shed load of Vekoma loopers and corkscrew variations but they don't affect on me at all. The vertrical loop is too small and not funny either. Yet I have to ride a B&M looper and a floorless coaster to make my final judgement on inversions. Ejector air is something I never have enough. That's why EGF and Goliath (Walibi World) is on the top of my list. The first drop is usually not that intense appart from a few coasters such as EGF or Colossos (Heide Park). The launch is something I have discovered recently during my stay at Alton Towers. I rode Xpress at Walibi World before but Rita is definitely more powerful. Floaters are kinda strange. Silver Star is the only proper floater I have ridden.


I choose ejector air.

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I voted for helixes and turns, although I love it all, except launches, and the queue. A launch is just a first drop without a drop, and a queue is just a queue.


However, what really matters isn't the individual elements per-se, but how they're used. A rollercoaster that is nonstop loops, or nonstop turns, or nonstop airtime, or nonstop anything, really, is boring. I want a ride that can find a nice balance between all the different kinds of elements, forces, etc.

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it can actually be fun if you are either eating or watching people freak out in front of you. Sometimes queing pays off, like they will say "Batman The Ride is currently closed, we will have the ride back up shortly". People then leave or panic because they either think the ride broke down or it will be closed for like 2 hours. But in reality, they are only putting another train on the track. Then people are leaving so fast that you can shave you waiting time in half.

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2 of my favorite rides are Phantoms Revenge, and Magnum, just for the tons of ejection! (Although, PR is a better design for obvious reasons.) Last time I rode Desperado, it ran brakeless, and was awesome, but it wasn't aging very well. (Back in 1998)

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