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TPR Scandi Trip 2014 Mini Updates!

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"Today the group headed out to Germany to visit Legoland Billund"

Legoland Billund is in Denmark


Correct!! In my defence I had been awake for 40 hours when I posted this

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It looks like everyone is having fun!


There is one thing I don't get. The Jungle Racers attraction looks like a ton of fun but after riding it at Legoland Florida it seems more of a novelty and gets old after a while. Maybe I'm just missing something.

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There is one thing I don't get. The Jungle Racers attraction looks like a ton of fun but after riding it at Legoland Florida it seems more of a novelty and gets old after a while. Maybe I'm just missing something.


I think it's a really nice ride. The Hydronauts side at LEGOLAND California can get you really wet when there is a strong ocean breeze.

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We are live tweeting the entire trip! Follow us on Twitter @themeparkreview


Today's update! Djurs Sommerland!



Today the TPR Scandi Tour is at Djurs Sommerland for some Piraten and Juvelen ERT!



Our ERT at Djurs Sommerland started on Juvelen, the parks new Intamin family launched coaster.



Going "off roading" on Juvelen at Djurs Sommerland!



TPR loved Juvelen! Fun family coaster and very well themed!



Our two hour ERT began on Piraten... And it was epic! Absolutely EPIC!!!



Our Piraten ERT was insane!!! Why aren't there more of these amazing coasters built?



Piraten is one seriously kick ass ride! It's better than like 99% of roller coasters in the rest of the world!



The amount of airtime and the volume of hands up fun is almost unmatched by any other roller coaster!



We popped a lot of mega-lite cherries today and that was a very good thing!



The mega-lite has been called a "mini-I305" and in some ways it's BETTER! More airtime!



Djurs Sommerland not only has some amazing coasters, but there is plenty of random "fun" to be had, too!



Dear USA parks, kids don't have to be segregated to lame kids areas. Play areas near big rides is simple & effective!




We had just as much fun doing silly things at Djurs Sommerland as we did riding coasters!



They gave us raw dough and we cooked our own bread over an open fire. NEVER. IN. AMERICA!!!



The bread was totally delicious!!!



It warned up a bit later and some of us even went to the water park!



Djurs Sommerland still has an operating Topple Tower! One of the last in the world!



Djurs has a full sized ropes course... A REAL one! No harnesses, nothing... NEVER. IN. AMERICA!!!



The theming for Juvelen is very nice! Great themed queue & even has a dark ride section before the coaster launches!



There are many amazing ways to injure yourself at this park... Again... Never in America!



Chico Jungle Safari is slightly politically incorrect, but very fun boat ride about animal poachers in Africa!



Now THIS is how you ride a rapids ride!!!



Off-roading across Denmark on Juvelen!



I still rank Piraten in the top ten steel coasters in the world!



Djurs has chair swings that go backwards. I don't think this happens at many parks!



The ropes course is absolutely amazing! And it's not just for kids! It's tough for adults as well!



Can't forget about Thor's Hammer... A super fun Gerstlauer Bobsled/Wild Mouse!



Once again, Garbles is having a small ice cream cone.



Having a bit too much fun on the Chicos mad poachers ride!



First you get a bag of dough...



Next you put it on a stick and cook it over the open flame...



Then you eat it up... YUM!



"FIRE! HOT!!!"



I feel I need to share another photo of Piraten, just because it's so awesome!



Oh, yeah, I can't forget the Mack Supersplash! I really liked this one!



"Hop aboard and start farten!"



Bouncy bouncy bouncy...



I had never seen one of these tilting frog hoppers before...



It was seriously a lot of fun!



Taking over the ... um ... big, black log!




This is how you rock the big, black, log!



We played "pass the sword" on Piraten, until Doug lost it and was banned from ERT sessions forever!



...and taste worse with Pepsi.



Pass the Sword is a never in America thing! And this is why we love doing tours in Europe!



We had just an EPIC day at Djurs Sommerland! An ERT that will go down in history at an amazing park!

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The TPR Scandi Tour made a quick evening stop to Tivoli Friheden after Djurs Sommerland. Here are some photos of the visit!



The next stop on our TPR Scandi Tour was Tivoli Friheden where we had entire park ERT!



Tivoli Friheden is home to "Cobra", a completely messed up looking inverted roller coaster!



Cobra's layout is extremely compact and totally nuts!



Check it out! We have the entire park to ourselves!!!



As for the other bigger coasters at the park there is a spinning mouse...



And a looping Pinfari roller coaster.



But the real star of Tivoli Friheden is the SCAD tower. You drop 40 meters into a net. Nothing attached to you!




The SCAD Tower at Tivoli Friheden is a true "free fall" experience. Nothing but you and the net for 13 stories!



You free fall 130 feet into the net below you! It's terrifying great fun!



This is usually the look on most faces right before you drop!



But the reaction is always thumbs up! It really is an amazing ride!



Hang on tight!




Here's what free falling 13 stories at Tivoli Friheden looks like from the ground!



Is it just me or does it look like Gary is holding on to "something?"



You guys ready to drop?



The SCAD Tower is an amazing experience & not many are left in the world. Check this out next time you're in Denmark!



While some rode the coasters and dropped to their doom, the rest of us were in the fun house!



Soupy in the tilted room! Like the old days of Knott's Haunted Shack!



Garbles had only minor brain injuries from the slide!



Was a great evening at Tivoli Friheden! Thanks for the full park ERT!!!

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I have to join the next Scandi tours, even though I'm nowhere near going in Europe soon Djurs Sommerland is one of the park in my bucket list ! It looks better than most american parks !

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Is the Elses Hotel dark ride still there? That one was pretty good.


The SCAD Tower is, indeed, something one should try at least once. Still can't get into the idea of bungee jumping though.

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Wow, still a great report so far. Looks like you guy's had a blast. We have been in Djurs a few weeks ago and had a great time.

Piraten was as reported here one of the greatest coasters out there. Intens and hugh airtime made it become one of my favorite coasters.

Juvelen also was a suprise. Family coaster? after the second launch it was a blast. Sure, kids can ride it but it was a ride with some good forces.

The Mack (a watercoaster (not a supersplash like reporterd) was a great smaller version of Poseidon in EP.

The park itself was bigger, a lot bigger as we suspected. We couldn't be more suprised by the rides and atmosphere within the park. Every employee was in a good mood.

Djurs will certainly see us again in the nearby future. Thanks again for your great updates and pictures from these great parks. Hope you guy's will enjoy everything over there.

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We are live tweeting the entire trip! Follow us on Twitter @themeparkreview


Today's update! Farup Sommerland!



Today the TPR Scandi Tour is at Farup Sommerland. Yet another fantastic park in Denmark!



At Farup Sommerland, we had an awesome two hours of ERT on Falken, Lynet, and Orkanen. All solid, fun coasters!



Reindeer run!!! Falken is attacking!!! (love this poster!!!)



Lynet seemed to be the favorite of the group! It's a fantastic Gerstlauer launched coaster!



We had a Danish film crew come out to Farup Sommerland and interview out group!



The Danish film crew even interviewed KidTums about going around the world riding roller coasters.



Love how even small Danish parks have digital wait time signs at each ride.



Give Craig a gun and he turns I to a serial killer!



Craig actually managed to hit the target!



More awesome play areas in these awesome Danish parks!




I have a feeling this is going to end VERY badly!!!



KidTums loved the spinning coaster at Farup Sommerland... Elissa... Not so much...



Farup Sommerland is TPR famous for having the monkey bars over water that Joey refused to do in 2005.




To my surprise many TPR members made it across the monkey bars just fine!



For a custom Vekoma Roller Skater, Farup Sommerland's is very good!



Tons of trampolines and things that go bouncy bouncy at Farup Sommerland!



Farup's amazing obstacle course starts with this maze.



TPR going through Farup's obstacle course.



Some of our members made the monkey bars look so easy!



The sinking steps were more of a challenge as we had some people fall in!



Teamwork, guys... Teamwork!



Moments before some shit was eaten!



Four lane zipline on the obstacle course! Yes!!



KidTums went through the obstacle course and got her certificate of completion!



Riding the hedgehog themed kiddie coaster at Farup Sommerland!



Doing a little more filming on Falken at Farup Sommerland.



Should be able to get some good shots from up here!



Falken is one of the few S&S woodies that were built.



It's a classic out and back layout with some good airtime on the hills.



It was getting a bit rough and shuffley around the turns, though.



But overall, Faklen is a fun ride!



Hi, Soupy... You're on a kiddie coaster... Congrats!



Fantastic day at Farup Sommerland! How are there so many great parks in Denmark???

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Why can't America have all the good stuff? We're just as smart as our cousins in Europe and Japan (or at lest approaching that.) Not all Americans are bumbling apes of carelessness...

I really wish american parks saw us the same way you do... Sadly they see the 2 or 3 careless peoples and the rest pay for their stupidity. How sad is our continent ?

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