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Parque Warner building Looney Tunes Waterpark

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I have been seeing this rumor for a while, but I didn't want to post anything here, until there was some more meat on the bones.

Now they have started land clearing on the site where it's meant to go.


The whole park is supposed to have a Batman theme.


Concept art:


Land clearing:


I'm not sure when the land was cleared, those photos could be old, and the projects is on hold, or they could be new and it is happening soon.

Anyone local have more details?

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I live in Madrid and I would say that is not the best place to build a water park. Tourism here is looking for culture, party... but not a water park. You have hundred of them in the incredibly sunny and warm coast, but you can barely enjoy three/four warm months a year here. At least warmer enough to go to a water park, in my opinion.

Furthermore, Parques Reunidos (owner of Parque Warner) owns another two water parks 30 minutes driving from this one. I don't get the point neither. None of them are outstanding or have any remarkable slides...

I don't know wich plans do they have for this one. I will try to keep you updated! ;-D

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Does anyone know how the park is doing now?


I haven't been keeping that up to date, but last I heard is that the government were planning to close the railway line which serves the park, which was a bit of a concern!

Now the park is going well, it's the only park in Spain from Parques Reunidos who has had benefits.

Is true that the goverment closed the railway line. It has been closed since 2011.

The Pictures were taken a week ago.

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Holy water Batman!


My attraction ideas:

-Batman: The Slide

-Batman Ultimate Flight Escape from Batman: The Slide

-Batman and Robin: The Chiller

-Batman Does Not Ride Waterslides (or Eat Nachos)

-Unintelligible Gravelly Mumbling Batman

-It's a Bird! It's a Slide! It's Batman!


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I gotta say I love it when a waterpark does something different than the usual themes. (tropical, Alantis, wilderness, etc) Half of me wishes that Universal Orlando was still going through with that movie themed waterpark idea, but now that they properly own all of Wet N Wild and it's land I don't see this happening.


A Batman waterpark if done right could be amazing.

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Is not going to be a Batman Theme waterpark, is going to follow a Lonney Toons theme, and it's going to be called Warner Beach. Here some Artworks:








This last photo was taken in december


This is the info thant we have, as the park hasn't reveal anything more about it.

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While I think theming a water park to Looney Toons is a pretty good idea, these are Hanna-Barbera characters: Wally Gator and Magilla Gorilla.



As are Shaggy and Scooby Doo. Then again, it is just concept art.


Or are those characters under the Looney Toons umbrella now?

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