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TPCooks - Bacon Cupcakes?!?


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I recently had to bake some cakes for a "red" themed event at work and decided that it was time to marry two of my favourite things - bacon and chocolate!!


I found the recipe online (I can post the link if anyone is interested) so I claim no creative credit here. As a long time lover of Brandy's food thread I thought I would do my own unique version, will there be fire? Will I leave the kitchen with all my fingers? Can I use a camera and cook at the same time (I'll give you a heads up, it's a no). And while we're at it do bacon cupcakes even taste nice? All of that and more to follow...


The key ingredient in any Bacon dish...


Fry it up nice and good. The crispier the better!!


The second of the major flavours that will evolve in this dish. It helps if your chocolate is slightly out of focus like mine.


Remember to remove the chocolate from the packaging before melting (that was a messy error)




Todays mystery ingredient is coffee. I couldn't taste it in the final cake. I'm pretty sure they just put it in the recipe to see if stupid people would actually make a cup of coffee while baking.


Now for the batter. Again the flour is better if it's out of focus - it helps to blend the ingredients.


I don't have any scales so 50g of cocoa powder is handily measured as two shot glasses kinda full.


This is the magic stuff that separates cakes from congealed pans of goo.


MIX MIX MIX! This was when I discovered that when the recipe says "sift the flower into the bowl" the correct reply is not "f*ck that, pass me another beer"


Onto another bowl for the liquidy stuff. I'd like to say I can crack an egg with one hand while taking a photo with the other but if you look closely you can see I'm basically crushing it while hoping I finally found the focus button.


I didn't.


This was apparently supposed to be a picture of a plastic bag but a blurry tub of soured cream got in the way.


I like to think the reason that nothing in focus is because I was moving at 1,000mph but it took me 2 hours to make these. Anyway this is oil, I think.


A couple of shots of coffee. I probably should have cleaned the shot glass out after the cocoa...


This is by far the coolest whisk I have ever seen. My camera liked it so much it got a non blurry picture of it.




Perfectly captured action shot there. I might have had help to take this one.


Mix and add the bacon bits that we made about 5 hours ago. This was the moment I discovered that cupcake batter smells terrible.


OCD case filling almost went OK. Eventually I will defeat side drippings!!


They look less terrible than I thought they would. That's a good thing right?!?


butter and sugar for the stuff on the top. I'm sure there's a name for it. BRANDY?? Help me out here!!


Mix it together and add melted chocolate. Mmmmmm


Decorative topping bacon frying up!


After spending 15 minutes trying to stop the frosting (that's it!! Brandy - false alarm) looking like poop I kind of embraced it and made each one a steaming pile of joy.


The finished product!!


So - how did they taste? Well I made two batches and the first was actually pretty good but when it came to the second I decided they needed more bacon. The didn't. It was terrible. Here's a lesson kids - unless you know what you're doing follow the damn recipe to a tee!!


Thanks for reading!! Let me know below if you've ever cooked up some crazy stuff!

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Todays mystery ingredient is coffee. I couldn't taste it in the final cake. I'm pretty sure they just put it in the recipe to see if stupid people would actually make a cup of coffee while baking.



Hahaha, I think this to myself when I read a lot of recipes. Will one quarter of freshly minced rare adobe chili pepper seed extract paste really make that much of a difference in the final product? Probably not but I'm always to ocd to skip a step!

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I haven't been on the board in a while so I'm just now seeing this! I'm so happy someone else is attempting baking, too! They look really good; even the poo frosting!


A tip: I don't ever bother with sifting the dry ingredients. I just dump them all into the bowl and stir well with a whisk to break up the lumps. It's always worked great for me. (And I haven't stopped baking, either, but my husband just started night shift and I'm basically parenting alone on weeknights so time has been scarce. I'm planning on making a pie tonight though!)


Can't wait to see you make more stuff!

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I totally missed this while we were in Mexico. Amazing, glad Joe got to see it as well. I feel like he has almost passed the terrible food cooking reports on to you in a way and I'm excited for your next cooking adventure of blurry pictures and sometimes following recipes!

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What's the most dangerous complicated recipe out there? That's the one I suggest!


Here's a list of some I found:


Savory souffles

Coq au vin


Beef Wellington



Puff pastry

Baked Alaska


Sourdough bread


Peking Duck

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Salt Rising Bread!


I am too afraid to try it. For one reason, there's a million steps and it's a long tedious process. Another reason is because I've read that the potatoes smell terrible while they're fermenting to make the starter and makes your house smell awful. Danny would die if I stunk up the house like that!


When done right it's supposed to taste amazing. I've never tasted any.

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Ooh this is all getting very technical. What could possibly go wrong?


I'm not sure I can do the potato thing because my flat is colder than the arctic and heating it would mean no TPR trips


Beef wellington could be interesting - mostly because there's a ton of meat in it! But first - cake!

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