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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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I had a weird glitch, to my benefit, occur with my game soon after I reached the 2nd bonus level prize. I picked my box like usual (another 3 donuts!) and played for another three or four minutes. All of a sudden another bonus donut game popped up. I played again and won another three donuts. Then the game kept repeating itself. I ended up winning another 100 donuts before it stopped. I knew I was not paying for it via simpsons money because I had less than 40K in the bank. I noticed that my experience points now show some ungodly number until the next level.

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So this is a little frustrating and worrying....


I go to log into Simpsons today, and it downloads the update. Then I get a screen where it tells me I've been logged out of Origin and I need to log back in. I try to login and it can't find my account and tells me to make a new one!image.thumb.jpg.c838d0cbff46e1abdf0067f24ae6de6f.jpg

Now what am I supposed to do??? It does this on both my iPhone and iPad. I don't want to make a new account as I'm too afraid it will wipe out my old one!


I don't even knowing where I'm supposed to report this to! WTF EA!

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Has anyone been able to get in with today's update?


I've had no problems. When I saw that Eric posted about the update, I immediately wiped Simpsons out of the memory on both my iPad and iPhone. Then I opened the one on the iPad, let it d/l the update, closed the app and cleaned the memory again. Then I did the same thing on my iPhone.


Once I reopened the app on both, everything has been fine (so far).

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OK, so I'm able to get in right now, but the game is crashing on me, no joke, every 30 seconds. I got the level 26 bump, then it crashed, then I went back in, got the "bonus level" mini game, got three donuts, it crashed again, went back in, got the mini game again, got 1 donut, played for a bit, and crashed.


I think I'm just going to turn it off until EA decides to work again later....

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I was able to get in on the iPhone with no issues after the download (I know, amazing!) and was immediately leveled up to 26, and my XP goal changed down to 111120. My iPhone was the last device I played on this morning before the update came out, so I'll close out the game on the ipad when I get home. Wiggum's house is being constructed now, so much for getting the escalator started today!

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Got the update this morning and got bumped up to Level 26. My next XP level is 111,120. I also started the Wiggum house, and decided to fix up my 'Home Depot' Try and Save, and spruced up some other areas. I'm still saving up for the escalator, but I didn't like some of my town. Still have to finish my town square, and start working on where I'm putting the escalator. I also got about 150 doughnuts from the XP glitch the other day so I got the police car.

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