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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Especially since they do the same stuff. BOth coin ones do the same animations. IF they could burn things up with what they spit out, that could be cool. I could burn down my brown house slum, now that it's not worth the hassle anymore.


If I do well on Santa bags, I should just get enough donuts for Frink Labs, which is very cool.



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I have 10 deer randomly placed next to my prison. I'll probably make a gated park out of it soon.


I'm building my town hall now, so I'll be redoing my whole city soon.


Along those lines: Do we know if we still earn the .5% on each deer if we store it? Or does it have to be present in the game to earn the bonus?


I'm pretty sure they have to be active to get the bonus.

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I am still playing, but losing interest. Wondering if anyone has tried any of the online hacks or cheats with any luck?


I just found a glitch in the game. Here is how you can get unlimited donuts without a hack:

1. Plant real corn in Cletus's farm

2. Wait until it's ready to be harvested (90 days)

3. Tap on Cletus 10 times (gives you 100 donuts)

4. Put farm in inventory

5. Tap on Cletus again (100 more donuts)

6. Repeat step #4 and #5 (100 donuts each time)


I have about 5,000 donuts now from doing this cheat.




To get 100.000$ every hour you have to plant corn at Cletus' farm. When the counter hits 89 days and 23 hours, visit as many friends as you can and tap on their cletus' farm in that last hour. If done correctly you can then tap on your farm for an unlimited time getting unlimited dollars.




Here is a cheat to get unlimited donuts without hacking. Get four or more chracters (the more chracters the better it works) to do an action that takes 24hours when they have (all) finished make the same people do an one hour actin then it should say unlimited donuts has been unlocked it took me a while to work but it was worth it!!!


I am in the process of trying the last one. I have all my characters on 24 hour jobs then I will give them all 1 hour jobs to see it it works.


These cheats came from http://www.supercheats.com.

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I ended up with so many Satan coins and got the "3 donuts" out of almost every mystery stocking that I purchased, that it pretty much paid for my Satan's village for me! I think that was quite a decent trade off for all that work of getting those coins!

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