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Gardaland Discussion Thread

P. 55: Jumanji - The Adventure attraction to debut in 2022!

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So, they didn't updated the webcam, but the "Halloween 2010 Park map" (I think it's a news )

Here you can see where X-Raptor is been built soon. It's a pretty big constructionyard (60 tennis courts) and at the official Webcam now a Raptoreye arrives and there are new Dinosaur sounds. This gonna be awesome!



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Here's a close up of the updated webcam image. As you can see nothing big has happened since the weekend but I'm still very happy to see that they have changed the image.

I hope to see more track being placed soon. They are also working outside of the Inferis walk through which means that the coaster will pass above the Rio Bravo themed area which will be very awesome even for the people who will walk around the park.


Ready for some 0-g awesomeness?!!!

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I have a feeling that this is the coaster we are going to see for Heide-Park, too. They (Heide) released some details about their ride, specifying a height of around 35 meters, an immelman and a "hill". The hill is already on this ride, they have erected supports for an immelman, all in all there seems to be too many similarities to call it an incident.


The track type that is used here is very similar to that of Heide-Park. Also, the magnetic fin-sections are used in both cases.



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^ No, correct me if I'm wrong, but Heide is getting a dive machine and this will be a 'prototype' from B&M.


Yes, it is listed as a Dive Machine. But all the features are the same. Could it be a new type of Dive Machine? The wing-walker style trains are somewhat similar in design.


EDIT: Saw this pretty recent post on Screamscape. http://screamscape.com/html/heide-park.htm

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I wonder how the water effect would work with the seats being so low to the bottom of the track and being that wherever they put the scoops the riders feet will be close to the water and have the risk of hitting it (not that a little water will hurt) and could harm people especially at the joints.

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^Or they will let you "fly upside down" - head close to water and feet right in the air !!


HAHA! I actually had this same thought earlier today...but didn't post it to avoid looking stupid. So...thank you.

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I wish I knew more about this coaster, or there was some kind of press release or something!


That's kind of what I like about it. All secretive, unlike other coasters in the U.S. that have their full layout released with simulated videos and such.


Anyways, this looks like an awesome coaster!

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