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Leviathan Bash! Canada's Wonderland

Will you be going to Leviathan Bash? (No need to vote if you're on the LeviaTHON tour)  

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  1. 1. Will you be going to Leviathan Bash? (No need to vote if you're on the LeviaTHON tour)

    • HELL YES!!!

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I've tried searching this thread for "shirt" and "t shirt" and couldn't come across anything about t shirts for this event. Will people just attending the Bash get t shirts like most events or not? Not a big deal if we aren't, but just kind of popped in my mind today.


It isn't listed in the details on the front page of the thread. My guess, the omission is a good hint.

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Stupid idea that would probably never happen at a place like CW because of safety reasons on a giga in a corporate park...but in looking at the Knoebels report with all of the glow-sticks and light sabres on Phoenix...



How about 'LeviaTron' with everyone waving blue light sabres or glow sticks during night ERT?



PS - With all lights off!


We can all hope!

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Hey all, don't forget about the hotel room auction in Toronto that'll cover you over Leviathan Bash weekend! Don't be shy, put in a bid!


Up for auction, benefiting Coasting for Kids, is a two night stay for two in Uptown Toronto at the Novotel Toronto – North York


Centrally located in a prime spot between Canada's Wonderland and Downtown Toronto!


Click here to find out more!

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^I don't think they'll let us do that, we are working with them on some other fun ideas though!


Yeah, now that I think about it, it probably wouldn't be a good idea for a big corporate park to let a bunch of enthusiasts on a giga waving a bunch of loose piece articles. It would be all fun & games until someone got their eye poked out with a glow stick or a foot long glow wand embedded in their forehead at 90+ MPH! I forgot...this isn't a 90 foot roller coaster!


Seriously though...we are looking very forward to whatever fun things you guys have up your sleeves. I'm sure it's gonna be epic!


I do like the idea of the Brake-Run Bash t-shirts too!

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Any news on whether attendees will be doing the same stuff as those at Leviamania? I hear they're getting to walk up Wonder Mountain, and sign Leviathan's tunnel/laire.


Sign the tunnel? I never heard that.


Either way, I will be at both events and cannot wait. Can't get to much of Leviathan.

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Is there going to be a preferred hotel or is that just for the folks on the hotness tour? I know that there aren't a lot of hotels real close to the park with the Comfort Inn we stayed at last year being one of the closest...which was still about five miles or so from the park.

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^Thanks, I was just looking at that...looks pretty nice!


I have been mistaken as I was thinking that the Comfort Inn was the closest hotel to CW, when in actuality, it was the closest Comfort Inn to CW. I remember we were looking to stay at one of their hotels as we had a voucher for one free night.


I think I'll look into one of the closer one's even if they might be a bit more money.

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That's right! I can confirm that TPR will have morning ERT and Night ERT on the awesome 300-foot Leviathan!


Leviathan Bash is Sunday, July 29th at Canada's Wonderland.


Get your Leviathan Bash Tickets here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/index.php?productID=174


--Robb Alvey


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