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  1. Thanks. We didn't bother to sign up as I was able to check it out during the unannounced openings they were running last month. But now we are going as a family tomorrow and it dawned on me "oops might be busy or closed for those that didn't sign up". Gotta prep the little one just in case
  2. Does anyone know if New Fantasyland will be open for people who did not get in on the Passholder Preview registration? We are annual passholders and going to the park tomorrow and just want to know what to expect. I can't imagine there being THAT many AP's to warrant them closing it out to the GP for the entire day (especially now since they have lots of dates) but what do I know. Thanks
  3. We finally went for the first time last weekend ($25 tickets were are main draw, wasn't going to drop $70+ each for a family of 3). We have an 8 yr old daughter & enjoyed it. We'd go back (assuming we'd get discounted tickets). It's not he greatest thing since sliced bread, but the low crowds and the fact we haven't visited any other Lego park helps). I too wonder who makes the venture out there from Orlando? I'm 40 minutes NE of Disney and it's still a good 30+ minutes south, and it just "feels" like a chore getting there. I never see any advertising on TV or here any friends and family talk about it either, so I wonder what the long term viable of this place will be.
  4. I don't remember there being much more than grass and a parking lot. Yep. That is grass and a parking lot. The point isn't the view straight ahead at the parking lot, it's the Tatsu-like way that the lift follows the contour of the land for quite some time, then just before you crest the hill, the land drops off into a valley, leaving the train a LOT higher up than expected. By the time you get around to looking down the drop, it's substantially bigger than expected. Don't be hating on parking lots now
  5. Hopefully after OR opens to rave reviews, CP will ask RMC to do a TG redo of it and then we can call it the NMS.
  6. I never use the front entrance myself. Always better to enter by he marina and get a nice head start
  7. I would say that Deep South Bash would be a "regular" event we do, but not always going to be yearly. A lot of it depends on our tour schedules, new installations at the park, demand from the locals, etc... Hope that answers your question. Kinda. We were planning a possible September visit this year. But if I knew lock stock and barrell you were doing this in 2013, I'd wait and visit another park on my never ending list
  8. I'm asumming there will be an event here next year, so my questions is: I've never been to either WoF or SF StL. If I could only pick one of those parks, which one? They both have a GCi, so it looks like it comes down to: do I want to ride The Boss or Mamba? My first reaction is The Boss. ( and if you recommend one over the other please keep it civil and logical. Thanks )
  9. I've only rode Maverick but haven't had issues with the restraints digging not my thighs. I guess my gut finally comes into good use and prevents that. My friend who is taller and leaner had that thing dug down by the end of the ride though
  10. How did you make out? I'm 6'2" 290 but won't be going til next year so I have time to slim down.
  11. 99% of my musical diet is METAL (death, thrash, speed, and some black) For instance, here is a cruise I'm going on this December: http://www.bargetohell.com/
  12. http://terrapinbeer.com/brew/monster-beer-tour/monks-revenge/
  13. Back in the day (10 years ago), nothing, but a couple of close calls on the B&M hypers and Xcelerator when it first opened. Last year: couldn't fit on Wicked Twister and TTD (only 1x) My friend would sit behind me, push on the fatty part of my hip and the ride op would just be able to get the seatbelt to click. Planned on visiting SFoG at the end of September and SFoT at the end of October, so I think I could spare to drop a few inches all over to make sure.
  14. Just visited the park last weekend for the first time in 11 years. Was finally able to hit up the waterpark as well (though it was a madhouse). Leave it to HW to have the most insane wooden coasters & water slides. Heck, even their little Dive show next to the Raven has the lady set herself on fire. Heaven forbid HW doesn't make something as simple and mundane that THRILLING. I don't want to forget the best nail clipper I've ever used (for a mere $2.19 in the giftshop). The local yokels who call this their homepark and don't visit other parks probably just take all these insane rides for granted. Little do they know the rest of the story (sure, Paul Harvey pun if that makes you feel better) With so many other parks I have on the agenda for next year, I've said I'll only visit in 2013 if the Timberliners are on (or I win the lottery and money is not an issue). Voyage is insane, but by the end of the 2nd night my head felt like it had been through the meat grinder (in a good way). Body had no ill effects thankfully
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