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Leviathan Bash! Canada's Wonderland

Will you be going to Leviathan Bash? (No need to vote if you're on the LeviaTHON tour)  

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  1. 1. Will you be going to Leviathan Bash? (No need to vote if you're on the LeviaTHON tour)

    • HELL YES!!!

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KT is going to make a lot of cash!

Last time this happened KT was very selective on who she rode with...if she didn't like, or you didn't have a cool toy to offer...you didn't get the credit!


(I like the way she thinks!)

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^She'll be there ready to help you all get your credit!




Ryan, you're coming??


Yah, I don't have that credit either haha


Of course I'm coming! I was told there'd be an ice bar, a buffet of raw game meats, and a special meet-and-greet session with the park's new mascot - a helpful green monster wearing crocs. How could I possibly say no?



SOOO pumped for this! Tat Pack - The Reunion: Part 3 is definitely in effect! This time, we even get our honorary 4th member, Dan!


I was really bummed that I can't afford a trip this year, but this is going to be a great little TPR trip fix!


Awesome news!!


And I hear ya on not being able to afford a trip this year. It totally blows, and not in a good way. Damn you, unemployment! (Wait, I forgot - I'm not "unemployed," I'm "in transition.") Looks like this may be the first year since 2006 that I don't make it out of the country at least once. Or I should say, that I don't make it out of North America... Canada's a foreign country, right? (Everyone please speak French around me at the Bash, so I can perpetuate this notion and convince myself that I am indeed in some wildly exotic foreign locale.)

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Tempting...Let me see if I can pull the whole Miller clan up there.


Mike - Not to take away from KT's college fund, but not I'm sure is she can handle all the Taxi Jam business by herself.


It's funny you should say that, I was going to post almost the same exact thing. Klaire will be more than willing to help out. Just need to convince the wife to finally attend her first TPR event.

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Robb / Elissa,


Just curious, to make a long story short on this end, as to when the tickets for the event will possibly go on sale?

Not sure. Still working things out with the park, but I would expect mid-Aprilish.

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After spending large amounts of time at this site, I finally registered with TPR. I am planning to attend the Bash. This will obviously be my first TPR event. I am looking forward to it.


This will also be my first visit to CW.

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I have a quick question before tickets go on sale. Will I be needing to get Katie a ticket to the event? She will be turning 3 in June!

I'm not sure what the park policies are on kids and admission, off-hand, but our events follow those guidelines. So if a ticket is required for a 3 year old, it would be required for the event. If not, the same rule applies!

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Canada's Wonderland does an excellent job hiding this info on their website. Seriously, they should just have the junior ticket age requirements in the area where you purchase the tickets, not buried in the FAQs.


Junior Season Passes are valid for children age 3 and over who are under 48" or 122 cm tall when their Season Pass Photo ID is taken. If a child is over the 48"/ 122cm height restriction at the time of taking thier photo ID, the Junior Season Pass can be upgraded to a regular Season Pass ( for guests over 48"/122cm) at any ticket window located at the Front Gate.

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