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Sunset Valley [RCT2]

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I was looking at Griffon's supports and they look just like mine.


Sheikra has some horizontal sections but I think I like Griffon's supports a little better.


You're right about the support for the dive itself being diagonal but I only have the straight supports so this is the closest it's going to get. I'll try my best to add catwalks but I'm not sure what to make them out of. Any suggestions?


Thanks for your help everyone!

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Vampire Forest is now open! The new land features Nightmare Manor (a ghost train ride), Transylvania Twist (a spinning flat ride) and Vampire (The world's tallest dive coaster). Vampire has become the most popular ride in the park, boasting at least a 45 minute wait every day.


Vampire has been drawing huge crowds ever since it opened.


... as has the rest of Vampire Forest.


Vampire has a very elaborate station.


An overview of Vampire Forest.


Nightmare Manor is a little spooky, but it's still a family friendly attraction.

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Man, that one shot of the mid-course brake run looked amazing! I haven't checked out the park in awhile, but I should've. This is a great project and footers would look nice. I think people just used this certain piece used for roof covering and cut it into fourths and used that as a footer. Great job!

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Thanks so much for all of the feedback!


I finally figured out how to use parkdat and spent the last few hours adding footers. What do you think?


BTW I'm working on a new section of the park! I'll have an update on that soon.


The final turnaround.



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Thanks guys! I finally have a new update.


I had created a section called "Asian Adventures" but the more and more I looked at it, I realized that it did not meet the standards of the rest of the park. I tried to fix it but a few days ago I decided to completely remove it and create a new section.


The new section is called "Wild West" (I'm not in love with the name so suggestions are definitely welcome). Right now it's just a bunch of shops and restaurants but there will be a lot of rides coming soon, including some big thrill rides.


Welcome to the Wild West!


So far the section doesn't have any rides (except for the Swiss Sky Ride) so it's not all that "Wild" but that will change very soon.


With the new section finally open to the public, 1/4 of the parks planned Skyride network is now open and it's a major hit with guests!


Hasta Fiesta is really living up to it's name today!


Firecracker celebrated it's 30,000th ride today. It's quite the crowd pleaser.

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The wild west is becoming a little more wild! The area is continuing to grow, and now features a train ride (Right now it only has one station but more will be added over time to turn this ride into a transportation ride) and two crazy flat rides (Trailblazer and Tumbleweed).


The park has also added a 5th coaster, "Runaway Mine", the parks first family coaster.


Also, there are a lot of rumors floating around about a BIG expansion to the Wild West area. Executives from Chance Morgan AND B&M have been spotted at the park in recent weeks and some land clearing has begun near Trailblazer.



RCTrioFan, thanks for the suggestion. I do want to keep a Wild West theme rather than a Medieval theme though. Does anyone have a suggestion for a better name? I'm still not in love with "Wild West".


The Runaway Mine entrance area.


Runaway Mine features two lift hills, multiple tunnels and takes guests on a tour of the Wild West area.


Tumbleweed and Trailblazer can be seen in this shot, along with the many shops of "Wild West".


The ride ends with a high speed turn over the river.

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Thanks guys. I really appreciate the kind words.


I have major news to report. The newly renamed "Western Adventure" area of the park is continuing to grow! The area has added some new flat rides, shops, restaurants and two major roller coasters. It's becoming the largest themed area of the park and it now has some of the best rides in the park as well!



Thanks to Xtreme97 for the name, I changed it from Western Adventures to Western Adventure because Western Adventures wouldn't fit on the sign. lol


Inferno is the parks second B&M coaster. This stand-up coaster takes guests through 7 inversions and reaches speeds of 65 MPH.


Inferno has been drawing long lines since it opened. The queue area has a lot of natural shade to keep guests out of the heat.


Outlaw is the parks second hyper-coaster. Unlike traditional Morgan hypers, this is not an out and back design. It covers a ton of land and treats guests to some great floater and ejector airtime. This ride drops guests 210 feet and reaches speeds of 84 MPH.


The two shiny new coasters.


Western Adventure has grown into the largest themed area in the park!

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Hi- The Hospital just called... You've killed 28 riders on your standup coaster. They all died of whiplash and snapped spines... The lawyers will be calling soon, too...


(returning to reality for a second...)


While the standup coaster looks good, I'd consider toning down some of the gyrations of the trains: RCT II is pretty lousy as a whole for doing B&M standups in- as they recycled the same elements from the other B&M coasters.


However, this is where one needs a little bit of discipline & control when building a standup coaster. The urge to go wild is something one needs to restrict- especially considering your riders will be in pain- if not in the morgue. I'd consider re-thinking the layout a notch, to smooth it out, and eliminate some of the more 'intense' points on the track. Your riders will appreciate it, and with the level of realism you are trying for in this park, you'll have a better result in the end.



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Thanks for the comments guys.


After you said that, I started looking at other standup coasters and realized you were definitely right. I'm quite fond of the layout, so rather than changing it I came up with another solution.


Inferno sporting it's new trains.

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Do you know what the world needs more of?




With the addition of the new coaster (Sidewinder), Western Adventure now features 4 coasters! This new section has a little of everything, with two family coasters, two thrilling mega-coasters, tons of flat rides and a great selection of shops, games and restaurants.


Vampire is still the parks signature coaster. I wonder how long that will last?


As always... comments and feedback greatly appreciated!

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That Dive Machine still looks as good as ever. Great update! The new Schwarzkopf looks very nice in the park. I cannot wait for more updates from this park. My favorite ride is always gonna be that Dive Machine, well, unless you add an insanely awesome mine train. Once again, good job.

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