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Sunset Valley [RCT2]

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I'm missing RIDETESJ.


Here you go..


Hi, I've placed the ridetesj.dat file in the folder, but it still says that it is missing the RIDETESJ when I try to open the park . Perhaps it's another file with a similar name?


Yea it did the same exact thing to me. I seriously look through this whole thread today and loved everything about your park.

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I'm so glad to hear that. Thank you so much for the kind words.


Apparently Ridetesj.dat is the custom chairlift ride and it causes problems for a lot of people. There was a test version of this ride and I think I'm using that. The file name is different but it still shows up as ridetesj.


Here is the link to download it


I checked my dat files and I have this but not the regular Ridetesj so I think this will solve the problem.

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I got your park download and opened it up in OpenRCT2. Surprisingly, it worked!


However, I was scoping around your park trying to find the best areas to add into a custom title sequence, and I noticed the park rating dropping quickly. I also found some guests on your underground path system wanting to go home. Ten minutes later there were like 200 lost guests and the park rating fell down to a looming 300.


I'm not complaining about the park, though. Everything was top-notch as far as I could see, until I screwed around with the object inspector thing and crashed the game

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