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Sunset Valley [RCT2]

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I love the new coaster! But the supports look really weak. Perhaps add one more at the top of the lift hill. Also, I think you should add a path connecting Hasta Fiesta to Western Adventures. It would benefit the peep flow greatly if everyone is trying to get to Shangaan and the other coasters.

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I love the new coaster! But the supports look really weak. Perhaps add one more at the top of the lift hill. Also, I think you should add a path connecting Hasta Fiesta to Western Adventures. It would benefit the peep flow greatly if everyone is trying to get to Shangaan and the other coasters.
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Thanks for the feedback guys!


As far as the supports on Shangaan, I think I may leave those as is. Intimidator 305 and Skyrush only have two large supports on their respective lifts, I have four. My first reaction was that Shangaan looked unsupported but that was my reaction when I look at these coasters too.


Those coasters also have much thicker track on the lift hill which I do as well. You'll notice that I've put B&M track under the giga track to make it look a little thicker. That extra track also goes straight into the ground at a steep angle like I-305 and Leviathan. As a side-note, I originally used Intimain Impulse track for this and it looked awesome but it was really glitchy when the train went up the lift (similar to those awful Phatage catwalks) so I switched to B&M track and I'm pretty happy with the results.


Regarding the bridge between Hasta Fiesta and Western Adventures... you caught me. There is an underground path from inside the Skyride station in Hasta Fiesta to the underground exit path of Runaway Mine (The mine train in Western Adventure). When the park is done, the paths will form a circle around the river but for now it does appear to have a very badly designed path system. I've made sure that peeps don't feel "lost or stuck" and even when the park is completed, the underground tunnel will remain where it is.


As far as Flat rides go, the flat ride to coaster ratio isn't too bad for most of the park, but you're right about Forbidden Jungle, it's very coaster-heavy. I just went through and checked each area's coaster to flat ride ratio.


The entrance area has 4 non-coaster rides (Wave Swinger, Monster, All American Carousel and Swan Boats) to one coaster (Firecracker).


Hasta Fiesta has 6 non-coaster rides (Swiss Sky Ride, Monterrey Mixer, Tiujana Tumbler, Moreado Manor, Los Coches and Rio Grande Expedition) to 2 coasters (El Diablo and Rattler).


Vampire Forest has 2 non coaster rides (Transylvania Twist and Nightmare Manor) to one coaster ride (Vampire).


Western Adventure has 12 non-coaster rides (Trailblazer, Tumbleweed, Gunslinger, Rodeo, Swiss Sky Ride, Sunset Railway, Route 66, Round Up, Haybaler, Buzzsaw, Exposition Theater and the all new "Twister") to 5 coasters (Runaway Mine, Inferno, Sidewinder, Outlaw and Nightmare Mine).


Forbidden Jungle has 6 non-coaster rides (Swiss Sky Ride, Sunset Railway, Bongo Boogey, Abonsam Cavern, Senegal Spin and the all new, "Magic Carpets") to 5 coasters (Abassi, Monsoon, Kilimanjaro's Fury, Python and Shangaan).


I'm planning on including all of the flat rides that I have but the park is so huge that some areas may be a little light on them so I don't ever have to have two of the same ride. As I mentioned above, I have added two new rides...


The "Magic Carpets" are brand new to the Forbidden Jungle.


Twister is brand new to Western Adventure.


Here is the base of Shangaan's lift. I removed a few trees that normally cover up the hole. Those trees have since been put back. Much like I305 and Leviathan, this would bear a lot of the weight. Keep the comments coming guys, I really appreciate them!

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I have a minor update for everyone.


A lot of work is going on across the river from Shangaan and Magic Carpets. The theme of the new area is unknown but it looks like it's going to be big! I'll have more updates coming soon.


An extra support has been added to Shangaan. What do you think?

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Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been very overwhelmed with work lately but I still work on the park when I can. Things should settle down in the next week or so and updates will become more frequent.


Anyway I have a new mini-update for you.


Testing has begun on a new inverted coaster across the river from Shangaan.


The park has been very tight-lipped on the name of the ride and the theme of the new area. The ride sure looks exciting though!

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Just wanted to let you know I didn't die.


Work is slowly progressing on the inverted coaster and the surrounding area. The flat ride pictured in the last shot has been at least temporarily removed and a new wood coaster is being erected.


I'll have more details on that soon.


The new coaster has been named Sea Serpant.

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Park officials have been tight lipped on the name of the new area but it's clear that Sunset Valley is becoming one of the best thrill parks in the chain and in the world.


Work is continuing on Sea Serpant. A lot more custom supports need to be put in. The ride has also been testing a lot and dispatch times are being perfected.


Merry Mixer has also begun testing. This is the first flat ride in the new area but it sounds like there will be a few others on the way.


The big news, however is that the wood coaster is going to be a major thrill ride. It's an Intamin coaster and the only operating wood hypercoaster in the world. it drops riders 200 feet into a tunnel and looks like it will feature ejector air time. The coaster will be named "Cannonball Run".


As always, comments greatly appreciated! I really appreciate all of the feedback so far!


That first drop sure looks intimidating.


The ride is only going to be about a minute and 15 seconds long. I've noticed that the only way to make a wood hypercoaster rideable in RCT2 is to make it short, and make the pullout of the first drop very drawn out (so a transition from the steep drop into 4 or 5 45 degree drop pieces). This looks ridiculous which is why the first drop is into a tunnel but this will only add to the thrill. While the duration is short, this ride has killer airtime and should be a very exciting coaster. Merry Mixer can be seen in the lower left hand corner of the picture.


The turnaround section of the coaster makes a great backdrop for the forbidden jungle section of the park, and gives guests waiting for Shangaan something else to look at while they pass the time.


The park was PACKED all day today. Guests sure love Vampire!

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In order to make this coaster in the Intamin Plug and Play style, it actually started out as a B&M dive coaster. I built the station and lift hill, set the lift speed to 15MPH and then changed the track type to wooden because otherwise the lift hill couldn't be that steep (I wanted to make it like El Toro's cable lift).


As I mentioned above, hyper wood coasters usually end up with that pesky "Ultra-Extreme" intensity rating but if you use a gradual pullout at the bottom of the drop it makes it ride-able. The problem is that having a steep drop followed by 4 or 5 consecutive 45 degree pieces before flattening out looks stupid so I buried it underground. Even when you do this, the ride can still get really intense so it's best to keep the duration to about a minute and keep the drop to exactly 200 feet because it's really pushing it to go any higher. Now the ride has a very high excitement and intensity rating so I'm happy with it.


As far as every ride being a coaster, part of that may be that I focus on the coasters in my updates. As of now (and not counting this new area because it's not open yet) I have 27 non coaster rides (if you count the Swiss Sky Ride as 1 ride even though it's technically 4) and 14 coasters. While this is a thrill park, it will have a lot of family rides as well.


Thanks for commenting!

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Sorry for the double post, but I have a big update.


It's the off-season at Sunset Valley but there is a ton of work being done all over the park.


The new area is still coming along nicely. In addition to Sea Serpant and Cannonball Run, it looks like this area may feature another new coaster. A ton of work is going on back in the woods away from the rest of the park. I'll have more on this in my next update, this looks like it could be a huge ride.


Additionally, two new kids areas have been added. While the park has had a lot of family friendly rides in the past, it has never had an area specifically designed for small children. I think a major void has been filled. In total, there are seven new rides between the two areas.


Anyway... on to the update.


Comments greatly appreciated!


The first new area is Boomtown! It's located right near the Sidewinder and is an extension of the Western Adventure theme.


Here's a view of Boomtown from the other side. Hidden behind Desperado's helix is a "Frog Hopper" type ride so this area has three new rides for the kids to enjoy.


You may also notice that Sidewinder's queue building has been removed. There is an effort going on to reduce the size of the queue lines in the park. Because parks can only hold around 9,000 people in RCT2, I want to make sure that the guest flow is adequate once all of the land is developed and the park still appears busy and lively throughout. I'm confident that this will now be the case.


The other new kids area is "Junior Jungle". It features 4 new kids rides (including a slide, not pictured here). One of these is a junior intamin coaster called "Jungle Jammer". This ride crosses over and under Desperado and circles the track 4 times. For a kids coaster this sure looks like it will pack a punch.


Both rides were cycling today, most likely to check for any clearance issues. Everything looks good to me!


Right across from Junior Jungle, another new flat ride has been erected. "The Claw" sure looks like an interesting contraption.


You'll notice that the queue for Monsoon has been dramatically shortened. Senegal Spin (pictured above) also had it's queue house removed.


... as did Rattler.


A lot of work is going on near Abassi as well. Not only has the queue been shortened and the fast pass line re-routed, but a scissor lift has been spotted under the lift hill.


The park has parked a sky ride car next to the scissor lift and it looks like they are testing the clearance one last time before finally opening this new section of the Swiss Sky Ride. This should be the best sky ride segment yet as riders will be treated to a trip under Abassi and some great views of Monsoon. Once this opens, 3/4 of the Swiss Sky Ride system will be operational.


Thanks for checking out this update! I'll have an update on that huge new coaster in the next few days!

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It's still the off-season but opening day is fast approaching and the finishing touches are being put on the new (still un-named) area.


Cannonball Run and Sea Serpant are expected to open with the park, and a few new rides have popped up including "Merry Mixer (A teacup style ride)", "The Claw" (A top scan), a terrain log flume and a swinging ship ride.


Despite all these new rides and the two new kids areas, most of the attention has been focused on Colossus. A new B&M giga coaster!


The ride starts out with a small turnaround section before riders ascend the 315 foot lift hill.


That's a long way up!


Colossus will treat riders to both floater and ejector airtime.


This ride goes way back into the woods, far away from guest areas.


Work continues on the new area. Sea Serpent still needs a lot of custom supports.


Pirates plunge looks to be a crowd pleaser!


Comments (as always) greatly appreciated!!!

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Phenomenal work. But just a question: how many "big" coasters do you have? Just from memory, you have a B&M Invert, hyper, vertical-dive coaster, a Morgan, an Intamin, etc. It just seems like you have solely large coasters without smaller rides. Just wondering.

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He also has a wing-rider and a strata coaster. I like your park, but I think the number of big coasters should not increase. I'm fine with family coasters, but extreme coasters are not what a park should be about.

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Just want to say this is an absolute outstanding park, the detail and way you present each ride and area is fantastic and the coasters them selves are amazing, cannot wait for more updates from yourself! Defiantly getting some great idea's from looking at your park!


Keep it up!

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Thanks for the compliments!


Today was opening day for the park (and Pirates Cove, the new section of the park) and everything went off without a hitch. Guests are flocking to the new rides and every one of them seems to be getting positive reviews!


The crowds descended on Pirates Cove as soon as the park opened which meant little to no wait for every other ride in the park until late morning / afternoon.


Colossus is a major hit. It had a full queue all day.


Earlier pictures showed a game booth in this spot, but I was really never a huge fan of it. It's been replaced with "Crows Nest" a small shot tower up a lighthouse. It's the centerpiece of Pirates Cove and treats riders to a great view once it reaches the top.


Guests got a real workout on their way back to Pirates Cove as the entire Swiss Skyride network was closed today. Right now each individual Skyride has 10 cars and the network as a whole has 40. The park has purchased 40 new cars and plans to double the capacity of the ride to 80 cars. This is the first season every section of the Skyride will be open. Dispatch times will be cut from 40 seconds to 20 seconds and it will be easier than ever to get around the park! It's shaping up to be a great season at Sunset Valley.

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