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Sunset Valley [RCT2]

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Thanks! As always I really appreciate the comments. Keep them coming!


The last few weeks have been busy ones. My girlfriend and I moved into out first apartment together, I have a full time job and an hour commute now and we've been going to quite a few parks this summer (including East Coast Bash, our first TPR trip) so I haven't had much time for RCT.


That being said, this park is still alive and well and I have made quite a bit of progress since the last time you saw it.


The park has a brand new section called "Port Orleans". Port Orleans is still under construction but parts of it are open to the public.


Welcome to Port Orleans! A brand new section of the park featuring 3 *new* rides (so far) in addition to a new train station, new skyride station and multiple restaurants and games.


Here you can see all three new rides. The headliner of the area is "Zephyr", a small-ish stand up coaster. This is designed in the style of the old B&M standups like Vortex at Carowinds or Shockwave at Drayton Manor (hence the barrel roll). The area also features Cajun Chaos which has been relocated and renamed (it used to be at the front of the park) and the brand new "Enchanted Teacups".


As you can see, there are some unfinished parts of this section. The exposed food stalls will be placed inside buildings and the pit by Zephyr's loop will be covered as well.


Wave Swinger's old pad. Wave Swinger was relocated to Monster's old pad when Monster was moved and renamed Cajun Chaos. I doubt this pad will stay empty for long.


Zephyr heading for the first drop.


Port Orleans has it's own train station (the ride also stops in Western Adventure and Forbidden Jungle). Right now the path to the train is surrounded by construction fences but they'll be coming down soon.


Port Orleans also has the 4th and final Swiss Skyride station which is now fully operational. The new stations combined with the new Swiss Skyride cars have made getting around this huge park a breeze!


Nightmare Mine had big lines today as temperatures were in the high 90's.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I really appreciate the feedback!


I have a small update for you.


Gumbo Gary's is a brand new waterfront restaurant in Port Orleans. Despite all of the waterways in the park, there are very few waterfront restaurants and the park seems to be making an effort to correct this problem.


With the completion of the waterfront area, Port Orleans is 95% complete.


With it's impressive coaster collection, Sunset Valley has become a major destination for thrill seekers. Guests still love the classics though as Sidewinder always has a full queue line.


Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Rattler. Once the most impressive coaster in the park, the coaster has gotten rough over the years and wait times have decreased significantly. The coaster hasn't needed it's second train all season and now the trains have disappeared from the track and fences have gone up across the entrance and exit paths.

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But you don't have to shut it down,

Treat it like it was never there and it was just junk,

But it required your care,

You treat it like scrap metal and it rides so rough.

No you didn't have to be Six Flags,

Have it rot like a monument to Arrow Dynamic's shame,

I guess it was not fun at all,

Now it's just a looper that you used to own.

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I have a minor update for everyone.


Construction fences have been put up around the entrance to Rattler. It's hard to see exactly what's going on here but I do know that some new concrete has been poured and the chain lift has been removed.


The top section of track has been removed and large portions of the pretzel have been taken out. That looks like brand new track lying on the ground and I would guess that the park is going to do a major rehab on the ride rather than remove it.


Kilimanjaro's Fury is not so lucky. When it opened it was the tallest coaster in the park, but with additions like Shangaan and Colossus it's lost most of it's appeal. Because of this, high operating costs and capacity issues, the park has decided to close the ride forever. "Final Fury" a charity event will take place on the rides last day after park closing. The event will feature a 2 hour ERT session and seats will be auctioned off for the last train. Since the announcement, lines are the longest they've been in years.

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Hello again!


The park is currently undergoing a major transformation. This offseason, the park is spending almost 100 million dollars in new rides, shops, attractions and aesthetic improvements. While I still can't hold a candle to many RCT designers, I feel like I've improved a lot since I started working on this park and some areas of the park just don't stack up. I've decided to slowly go through the park and improve these areas. That being said, the only ride that has been removed is Kilimanjaro's Fury. Most of the changes will include new buildings and path layouts.


The most exciting bit of news is that the park will be getting a new coaster to replace Kilimanjaro's Fury, and it's going to shatter almost every record in the book...


The parks skyline has changed dramatically. Cheetah Run is the parks newest coaster, replacing Kilimanjaro's Fury and reinforcing Sunset Valley's title as the thrill capital of the world.


The ride pays tribute to Kilimanjaro's Fury with a launch through the same tunnel, only now the coaster will be launching at 146 MPH, making it the second fastest coaster in the world.


Following the launch, the ride will head up a 534 foot top hat before plummeting back to earth and into another tunnel. This cheetah has one more trick up it's sleeve as it emerges into a huge airtime hill before finally hitting the brakes.


This area looks a lot different now. Most of the shops and restaurants have been replaced or renamed to fit the new ride. You may also notice that the Claw has been removed.


The area in front of Shangaan and Python has changed dramatically. I was never a fan of this area as the path was blocky and confusing as the huge restroom blocked the view of the Shangaan entrance.


This area has been cleaned up a lot. The train station has moved a little closer to Pirates Cove (it's the building with the red roof), a few of the game booths have been removed and The Claw has found a new home!


These are just two of the areas that will be getting a major overhaul this offseason. While Cheetah Run is expected to be a major draw for thrill-seekers, the park has also pledged a commitment to families and flat rides.

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Wait... so there's an Arrow Hyper, B&M Giga, Intamin Strata, and now an Intamin 500-foot in one park? I'm sorry, but as much as I love this park, I can't buy that. It's just kind of excessive. Not every update has to be a coaster.


Not to mention that the two 400 and 500 foot Intamins are in the same area

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Thanks for the comments, they're much appreciated!


I never say never, but that should be the last "big" coaster added to the park (and it is replacing a 300+ foot, 100+ mph coaster). I'm going for a realistic look with this park, but it is designed to have the greatest coaster collection on earth (kind of as a Cedar Point / Magic Mountain / Great Adventure beater) so I am taking a bit of creative license.


That being said, this park does have an extensive flat ride collection which will be growing in the next update. Many of those are not featured in these updates since people are generally uninterested. Regarding Shangaan and Cheetah Run, while they are in the same area of the park it's a huge area and that's quite a hefty walk. Cheetah Run's tower is very far away from the loading station.


Thanks again for commenting!

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God how I wish this park was real.....


Anyway, you did what you wanted and gave us a Cedar Point esque coaster paradise! Not only is it filled with great coasters, the aesthetic quality of the park vista is also breathtaking! Hell, If I were attempt to make a park like this in RCT3 it wouldn't even look a QUARTER as good as this does, also it would spontaneously combust my computer.



Anyways, good job!!!!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you so much for the comments everyone! I sincerely appreciate it.


Anyway today is everyone's lucky day. While Cheetah run is the star of the offseason, the park has been sprucing up virtually every area of the park and adding a lot of new rides. This park will look a lot different when the gates open for the new season. You already saw the next entrance area for Shangaan and Python, but there's a lot more to see...


Canopy Flyers (lower right) is a brand new ride that spins riders at high speeds and simulates the sensation of flying. This ride will be fun for the whole family.


On the top left corner of the screen you'll notice the brand new Monsoon Market which replaces the old Monsoon Market which was a bit of an eyesore (I don't know if I was drinking or tired when I made that building but I don't remember making it and it was seriously the ugliest building in the history of ever).


Boomtown Camp Bus is a brand new rides for kids. Boomtown has remained unchanged since it opened so this will be very exciting for kids and their parents.


For the big kids, Extreme Scream has changed the look of the entrance area forever. Extreme Scream takes riders up 200 feet in the air and gives you the choice of blasting up or blasting down.


The ride was testing today and looks like it will really live up to it's name.


The area between Abassi and Bongo Boogey has seen some major changes and will be almost unrecognizable when the gates open for the new season.


This section used to feature a ride called "Abonsam Cavern" which was an indoor multi-sensory ride that was starting to show it's age. The ride structure has moved closer to Bongo Boogey and totally re-themed and upgraded. It will open for the new season as "Forbidden Temple".


More than half of the buildings in this area have been removed and replaced and many of the buildings that remained received major face lifts. I was never happy with this area of the park but I think it looks much better now.


The biggest addition to this area is Monsoon Falls, a family water ride that is sure to be a major hit on hot days. The ride features a 49 foot double-dip drop that ends with a drenching splash.


(By the way, take a look at Python's new paint job!)


Now for some before and afters...


The new Shangaan plaza.


The area between Abassi and Bongo Boogey changed dramatically.


As did this area near the front of the park.


Yeah I seriously, seriously hated that building.

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I just wanted to say this, what would be really cool is if, or you could build a water park kind of like Six Flags Hurricane Harbor of SFGAm, SFNE, Disney's Blizzard Beach, or Typhoon Lagoon, or Indoor Amusement Water Parks like Castaway Bay, Great Wolf Lodge, Mt Olympus, or I-X Indoor Amusement Park, that would be really cool!

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