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Sunset Valley [RCT2]

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Thanks for the comments guys! I'm definitely not going to give up on this park. I love working on it, I've just been really busy with work and I've taken on a few freelance projects (which I'm almost done with) for some extra cash.


That being said... I do have an update for you.


It's opening day and there's a lot of buzz over the new attractions!


Sunset Valley always opens the New England section of the park 30 minutes early which gave guests the opportunity to get their Firecracker credit or to get their first rides on the brand new "Extreme Scream" attraction.


It was media day for Cheetah Run! A temporary stage was set up and a local radio station came out for the event. The first riders were the media, and radio contest winners. They had news crews all over the plaza and sky ride cars were grouped together and stopped near the ride so that the media could get some aerial shots. Good thing they just re-cabled Swiss Sky Ride...


Don't look down!


Rattler has returned! The last helix was removed and many track sections were replaced with new Morgan track. As a result, the ride is running better than it ever has!


Guests seemed to like this new area! It was too cold for Monsoon Falls today so it will have to wait for Memorial Day for it's grand opening.

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Yes, the protest song was great. I actually laughed out loud at work when I read that.


Anyway I'll pull back the curtain a little bit on this park. I'd love to try to build a waterpark but there are a few reasons why I can't do that.


1) I have Windows 7. Maybe it's not like this for everyone, but a lot of my trainer features don't work with it. I can't merge tracks anymore, I can't remove entrances and exits and there are a few other things that are a major production that used to be easier. Doing a waterpark well requires some serious hacking which would be difficult for me anyway because I was never great at hacking things in RCT2 and with Windows 7 it would be a nightmare.


2) I'm out of rides. I have one area left to build and I can absolutely get through that by deleting redundant shops and stalls. I'm confident that this won't hurt the look of the park as I have a lot of food service locations with multiple food stalls and I can delete a good amount of them without having guests complain. That being said if I were to add a waterpark too I'd be in trouble.


3) I'm out of peeps. Guest flow is a BIG thing with me. I think the most difficult part of building a large peep friendly park is tweaking paths to get guests to spread out evenly throughout the park. I want to ensure that every area of the park looks lively and rides have full lines and at the same time ensure that no areas of the park are insanely crowded. Right now, Port Orleans, Hasta Fiesta and New England are a little light on guests. I think part of the problem is that there aren't enough paths connecting them and this new area will probably fix that. Trust me... that's going to be corrected before this get's released. I won't have any dead areas of the park or coasters sending 1/2 empty trains. That's not realistic and it bugs the crap out of me. I'm sure I can distribute guests evenly throughout this park as is, but if I added a large section like a waterpark I wouldn't be able to do that since it would just get too large. It's a GREAT idea but I don't think I can pull it off.


Anyway, you can expect an update on that new section pretty soon. I think you guys are really going to like it. Even if I don't always get a chance to respond I am reading your comments and taking many of them into consideration when building this park. I'm very proud of it this park and I'm glad people are taking the time to look at it and leave comments (whether they're positive or negative). This is the most fun I've ever had building a RCT2 park.

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Wow, I'm really excited about the update, but that's okay about the water park deal, but how bout a B&M, Vekoma Flying Coaster, any Vekoma Boomerang's, or a Little Coaster like a Herschel, Zierer, Zamperla, Any Mouse Coaster, or something like a Arrow Mine Train, or a Giovanola Hyper, just giving you some ideas not to bother you, or anything!

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I like that you've taken the time to go back and re-do certain areas that weren't as good as they are now.


In regards to your problems, reduce the amount of shops and toilets etc to enable you to build more rides. Possibly think about removing any rides you don't think are necessarily needed, and if you have any trackitecture, consider removing it. With the trainers, make sure you set RCT2 and all the trainers to run in Windows XP Service Pack 2 mode, and disable visual theme and also disable desktop composition. This should allow all features in 8cars and Son of Beast to work except when it comes to track merging, which with windows 7 cannot be done in the normal way. To merge tracks you'll either have to get someone else to do it for you, or do it via map object manipulation, which I can link you to a tutorial, but I wont unless it's asked for as it will link to my site (NE) and I don't know if that would be allowed or not.


I hope this helps

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for all the comments! I really appreciate the feedback and take it into consideration when building the park. I explained why I can't build a waterpark, but because of your suggestions I have made some upgrades to my collection of water rides (including Monsoon Falls which you saw in the last update).


I have another update. Work is continuing on the new area of the park, but there is plenty of work going on everywhere else too. For now, I'll focus on the upgrades being made elsewhere but EXPECT A BIG UPDATE on the new area soon (I PROMISE).


Who remembers the old "Pirates Plunge" ride? Nobody? Why not? Oh yeah... because it sucked. Here's a screenshot to refresh your memory.


This ride was in the Pirates Cove area of the park and didn't really seem up to par. I guess I kind of half a**ed this ride and it really started to bother me.


So I give you the ALL NEW Pirates Plunge! Since it's opened, it's been a huge hit with guests and I feel that it "fits" much better than it's predecessor.


A brand new Bumper Boat ride has opened up in the Western Adventure section of the park. Now the park has four water rides to help guests cool down on hot days.


A brand new boat dock has been built on the other side of the bridge. I have no idea what this is for.


Nothing to see here... move along.


Guests love Monsoon Falls! The line is always full.


CONFESSION: Abassi is my favorite coaster in the park. Does anyone agree?

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Thanks for the comments! Don't worry, there are currently no plans to remove any rides.


I'll have an update on the new area soon, and then probably a few more tweaks but this park should be released very soon. I just want to make sure I'm happy with everything first.


I can't wait to hear your feedback on the completed park.

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Thanks for the comments guys!


This is probably the last update before I release the park. Before the new pictures I just want to thank everyone for reading and commenting in this thread. You've provided great suggestions and pushed me to make this park a lot better. I'll probably tweak a few minor things to improve guest flow and make sure everything is perfect for the release but the park is 99.9% done. No more rides will be added or removed. Expect the download to be live in about a week.


Anyway, on to the next area of the park!


Welcome to Midway USA! Midway USA is located right near the front of the park and is designed to be a throwback to the classic amusement park. The area is lined with classic flat rides, games of skill and classic park food. When most guests leave the front gate area (New England) they will walk through Midway USA and we hope that this area will set the atmosphere for the park. This screenshot shows the bridge between Midway USA and Port Orleans which offers some great views of Zephyr (which was featured a few pages ago).


This area does feature three new coasters, two of them are wood coasters and one is the "Wild Mouse" which treats riders to a fast paced ride with tight turns and sudden dips. You'll also notice the all new "Scrambler" ride and the classic "Tilt-A-Whirl".


A little further up the midway, guests will find the Comet! The park has an Intamin Hyper-Woodie (Cannonball Run) and a GCI (El Diablo) but has been missing a classic wood coaster. Comet fills that void.


Comet races along the river and has a great combination of airtime and laterals. Guests seem to love this ride.


The headline attraction of Midway USA is Racer! A GCI racing coaster. The orange train starts out with a significant lead, but yellow will overtake it on the bunny hops in the lower part of this picture. From there it's a race to the finish that ends with a pair of tight helixes up into the finish line.


I'm very proud of this coaster because a different train actually does win each time. It's pretty much blind luck that this race ended up so close.


Also pictured in this shot is the Firetrucks, a great ride for kids and a classic Skydiver!


This is the entrance to Midway USA closest to the front gate.


The first ride guests will see is Sunset Tower, a 300 foot observation tower offering guests breathtaking views of the park and the surrounding valley. The air conditioned cabin also offers guests a nice break from the heat.


Also in this shot you'll notice "Hang Time" a thrilling flat ride that spins guests upside-down and Riverboat Excursions, a boat ride that takes guests on a trip around Hasta Fiesta island and offers a relaxing way to travel between Western Adventure and Midway USA.


Guests in Western Adventure are lining up to take a trip over to Midway USA. Each boat captain has a unique personality and they'll point out park landmarks, give a history lesson of the park and the valley and crack a few jokes during the ride.


A new path has been constructed between Midway USA and Hasta Fiesta and two new restaurants have opened along the way. A few bridges have been modified to allow for the Riverboat Excursions boats to pass through.


Sunset Tower offers guests a great view of Hasta Fiesta! It's emerged as a new symbol of the park. By the way, look at the line for Rattler! I guess that re-tracking project really paid off.


As always, comments are greatly appreciated. Look for the download to pop up in the next week or so!

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Your grandpa thinks it's cool? That's awesome! Sunset Valley really is a family affair. lol


And Kinderly, I definitely had Hershey's "Midway America" section in mind when creating this area so that's not entirely a coincidence.


Thanks for the comments!

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Hello everyone!


I've spent a lot of time this week tweaking everything to get it ready for download (mainly fixing guest flow issues and re-routing a few queue lines but no rides were added or removed). I could tweak this park forever but I'm very happy with it right now so I've decided to release it.


While I still have a lot of room to improve I feel that this is my best park to date, and I've learned a lot from building it. Thank you so much for your constant feedback, it's made the park a lot better and a lot of fun. I hope you have as much fun exploring this park as I had building it and I look forward to hearing your feedback once you have a chance to look around.


Here is the download link. Enjoy!

TPR Game Exchange Link


A few stats:

Coasters: 22

Rides (not counting shops, stalls or track-itecture): 80

"Guests Favorite" Ride: Shangaan

Most Riders: Inferno (153,263)

Square Footage: 7,096,760


The park map.

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