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Sunset Valley [RCT2]

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I'm really loving this park. It feels so real. However, the only thing I don't really care for is the first drop on the stand-up coaster. To me, it would look better if you could make the drop more of a sweeping curve, rather than such a compact twist. The rest of it looks fantastic, though. Keep up the great work.

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I've been doing some work on the park but nothing earth-shattering. Right now I'm just filling in the rest of Western Adventure (which is almost done).


I've added three more rides, as well as more shops and restaurants. The most notable ride is Nightmare Mine which has an interesting back story.


I was trying to build an elaborately themed wild mouse coaster, but ended up not liking it and deleting it. It was built in and out of a large mountain known as Nightmare Mountain. I removed the coaster and the mountain planning on going to in a different direction but when I attempted to delete the highest peak on the mountain, my game crashed. This wasn't a problem because I frequently save, so I went back in and tried to delete it again... the game crashed again. After hours of trying to delete this (using trainers, the zero clearance tool and just the traditional "right click to delete" method) I gave up.


Because this scenery object was so high in the air, my only choice was to rebuild nightmare mountain and build a new coaster inside. The new coaster is completely enclosed and is a steel, non-inverting coaster with a 60 foot drop and multiple high-speed helixes. The ride is a big hit with guests, but not with the maintenance department as they've been reporting some strange sightings in the mountain. In all my years of playing RCT2 I've never experienced anything like it. I've seen the white "ghost" scenery but eventually I've been able to delete that. This isn't ghost scenery, it's out in plain sight at the very top of Nightmare Mountain. The local media has written stories about the mountain and how it was somehow impossible to demolish which has only added to the ride's popularity. Nobody can explain the mysteries of the mountain, but many people feel that it's haunted. No guests have reported any strange activity yet but the urban legends are still spreading throughout the local towns like wildfire.


Haybaler and Buzzsaw are the newest flat rides in the park. They're both non-inverting, family-friendly attractions.


Nightmare Mine has had long lines ever since it opened, and they're only getting longer as the urban legends spread.


Western Adventure is just about finished. The red areas show the areas that still need to be completed.

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Hello again!


Sorry for the long wait, I've been really busy with work and am currently in the process of forming a new corporation so I haven't had much time for RCT. That being said, I'm still very excited about the future of the park and I'm having a lot of fun working on it when I have the time.




A new area of the park has opened up. Right now it's called "Congo" but if anyone has a suggestion for a better name, please let me know. This area is unfinished and there are still some gaps to fill in.


Comments greatly appreciated!


This is the main entry plaza for the Congo.


Abassi is our newest coaster. Abassi gets it's name from the ancient African god "Abassi", god of the sky.


Here is an overview of Abassi. This coaster will be completely custom supported when it's done. It's a little on the short side but it definitely packs a punch.

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Thanks for the comments!


I love the name African Adventures but I just used "Western Adventure" for the western section so I'd like to try something a little different. Keep the ideas coming though, I really appreciate it!


Anyway, I have a mini update. I've done some work on the area around Abassi. The ride now has it's own gift shop and photo booth and a few more shops and stalls have been built near the ride. I may make some slight modifications to the area to increase foot-traffic but I'm still going back and fourth on that idea.


One cool feature of the ride is that the Swiss Skyride will actually travel under the lift hill.

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Thanks for the comments!


I love the name African Adventures but I just used "Western Adventure" for the western section so I'd like to try something a little different. Keep the ideas coming though, I really appreciate it!


Anyway, I have a mini update. I've done some work on the area around Abassi. The ride now has it's own gift shop and photo booth and a few more shops and stalls have been built near the ride. I may make some slight modifications to the area to increase foot-traffic but I'm still going back and fourth on that idea.


Is it too late to change the name of the Western section? For instance, you could rename it Highnoon Haven, Rattlesnake Ranch, or something similar. In my opinion Western Adventure is a little generic, but a more "themed" name would be neat.

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Thanks for the suggestion but I think I'll stick with Western Adventure. The new name for the Congo section of the park will be announced soon.


Anyway... I have another update for everyone.


Hey! What's that down there?


And more importantly... what's that up there?


It's Kilimanjaro's Fury, the parks newest coaster! Riders board the ride by entering through a makeshift volcanic research facility where scientists monitor the volcano for activity. All seems normal until riders enter the mountain. Once they're inside the caldera, an unexpected eruption shoots riders 341 feet into the sky at 113 MPH. Riders will travel through two themed tunnels and will experience over six seconds of air time during the experience.


Kilimanjaro's Fury is now the tallest and fastest coaster in the park. Sunset Valley is starting to become a major thrill ride destination.

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Since I've owned RCT2 (Must be almost a decade now) I don't think I've ever used that type of coaster. I rode Superman at Magic Mountain back in 2002 and just thought it was such a dull ride that I never had any interest in putting it in my RCT parks. Then for some unknown reason after looking at that plot of land I felt like it was a perfect fit and went into ParkDat and got it.

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I really like how fast you're progressing through this project! I've never truly liked those Reverse Freefall coasters because they look horrible, but you've done them justice and themed it really well. I also like the buildings in that first screen.

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Thanks guys!


I have another update for you!


Who's ready to challenge the Python?


Python takes riders through the woods, over hills, through a tunnel and finishes with a turn over a small lake. It's a great coaster for all ages!


The lift hill and first part of the ride. I'm not thrilled with the supports on the lift so I may re-think those.


Sunset Railway has been closed for a week or two. The station is now completely boarded up.


Some track has been removed over by Python. Right now the site is very quiet but I doubt that will last.

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Here's a mini-update for you.


I changed the supports on Python. What do you think?


Sunset Railway has reopened! The Western Adventure station has a brand new coat of paint!


The construction was for a brand new station near Python. Sunset Railway is now a transportation ride which will be a big help in such a huge park.


Western Adventure was packed today. You may notice that the signs that used to say "Congo" now say "Forbidden Jungle". Thank you Xtreme97 for the great name!


The small strip of land on the north end of the Rattler is one of the few quiet areas in the park (if you don't count the screaming riders). It's a nice place to relax and have a sit down meal.

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I have some major news to report.


First of all, the park has added two new rides. Senegal Spin and "Monsoon", an Intamin Impulse coaster. With the opening of Monsoon, two of the last three coasters the park has added have been from Intamin. There is a rumor floating around that after the success of Kilimanjaro's Fury, Intamin signed a deal with the park for four new rides. If this is true, it means that we have three more on the way!


Second of all, there is some major land clearing going on across the lake from Python. It's impossible to see from most areas of the park, but it can easily be seen from Python and Kilimanjaro's Fury and it's quite a large area. There's also a large tower that's gone up behind the train station. Could this be part of the rumored Intamin contract or is it completely unrelated?


The two new rides in action!


I'm not sure what the park has in store but it will cover a ton of land!


What do you think that tower is?

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Close... it's actually a strata-coaster. The world's first traditional strata-coaster to be exact.


Shangaan is the latest addition to the Forbidden Jungle. This strata-coaster is the world's tallest and fastest traditional coaster, dropping riders 410 feet and reaching speeds of 117 MPH!


Shangaan is also the world's longest coaster. It's 9,650 feet long.


The ride's specs.


The ride plaza.


Shangaan draws quite a line, but because of the high capacity it's only about 45 minutes long. I generally don't build rides this large because they dominate the rest of the park, but this coaster travels back into the woods and doesn't interfere with the rest of the park at all.


Here is an overview of the park that shows what's been done and what still needs to be done. This park is moving right along!

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