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Mitch Hawker 2011 Wood Coaster Poll!

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The 2011 Wood Coaster Poll has been posted! Take the poll here: http://www.ushsho.com/bestrollercoasterpoll.htm

A VERY EASY, online version of the ballot: http://www.wardleystunnels.org/hawker/


This is, quite simply, the BEST roller coaster poll on the planet!!!


Once again, Theme Park Review wants to encourage EVERYONE to take this poll! This is one poll your YOUR OPINION COUNTS!!!


It doesn't matter if you've been on 10 wood coasters, or 100! The way Mitch calculates the poll, it takes YOUR personal coaster riding experience into consideration, and calculates that against other peoples riding experience.


This is NOT a "popularity poll!"


You have until January 22nd to submit your ballot! Please go do this NOW!!!


Poll instructions here: http://www.ushsho.com/wood_instructions_2011.txt

Text Ballot here: http://www.ushsho.com/woodballot2011.txt

Spreadsheet version here: http://www.ushsho.com/woodballot2011.xls

And probably, the thing that will help out most of the poll newbies, the online Drag n' Drop version here: http://www.wardleystunnels.org/hawker/


--Robb Alvey



Ps. Also, if you could please do us (and Mitch) a huge favor and SHARE THIS INFORMATION!!!

Please post a link to the wood coaster poll on your Facebook page, Twitter, website, blog, forum, whatever!



I'll post our old "Idiot's Guide to Mitch's Poll" - http://www.themeparkreview.com/mitch.htm

While I feel this guide might be a little outdated now, especially with the spreadsheet and online version of the ballot, this might give you a few ideas on how to rank using the grouping method.

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Just submitted mine!


Pretty much the same as past years except I moved Great American Scream Machine up to #8 after our awesome ERT rides at Deep South Bash!


My top 5:


1.) My Favorite Steel (Bizzaro - SFNE)

2.) Boulder Dash

3.) El Toro (SFGAdv)

4.) Phoenix

5.) Thunderhead

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The ballot generator was a cool and helpful feature, but the only problem I found with it is that the list you drag to only goes down about half the list of coasters (took me a minute to figure out some of my coasters wern't being added). Other than that, it's great!

My Favorite Steel

El Toro


Thunderhawk DP

Lightning Racer - T

Lightning Racer - L

Thunderbolt KW

Comet HP

Kingdom Coaster DW

Racer KW

Rolling Thunder NJ

Jack Rabbit KW

Twister Knoebels

Wildcat HP

Cyclone NY

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Love this time of year (whenever it happens to be)!


I'm almost surprised to find this is my third year taking the polls...somehow I feel like I've taken either more or less.


Now to tease out my rankings...thankfully I keep them in CoasterCounter, but there are always some that take me a while to finalize before I'm happy with them.

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Just doing mine...funny how you can be on a bunch of coasters (154 for me), and yet have so few be wooden! It was hard to rank some of the in-betweens, and I usually use grouping for steel, but my top ten and bottom five feel pretty solid.


Abrupt Airtime_____________________________,y,y,1

Floating Airtime___________________________,y,y,5

Lateral Forces_____________________________,y,y,4

Out of Control Feeling/Directional Changes_,y,y,2

Positive G's/Loops_________________________,y,y,6

Sensation of Speed_________________________,y,y,3



El Toro SFGAd NJ,y,y,1

My Favorite Steel Anypark Anywhere **,y,y,2

Ravine Flyer II Waldameer PA,y,n,3

Boulder Dash Lake Compounce CT,y,n,4

Comet Great Escape NY,y,y,5

Wild One SF America MD,y,n,6

Comet Hersheypark PA,y,n,7

Wildcat Hersheypark PA,y,n,8

Roar SF Discovery Kingdom CA,y,n,9

Lightning Racer - L Hersheypark PA,y,n,10

Lightning Racer - T Hersheypark PA,y,n,10

Grt Am Scrm Mach SFoG GA,y,y,11

Hurler Kings Dominion VA,y,y,12

Gwazi-Tiger Busch Gardens-Tampa FL,y,y,13

Gwazi-Lion Busch Gardens-Tampa FL,y,y,13

Roar SF America MD,y,n,14

Cyclone SF New England MA,y,y,15

The Grizzly Kings Dominion VA,y,y,16

Blue Streak Cedar Point OH,y,n,17

Rebel Yell Kings Dominion VA,y,y,18

Thunder Road Carowinds NC,y,y,19

Hurler Carowinds NC,y,y,20

Thunderhawk Dorney Park PA,y,n,21

Wildcat Lake Compounce CT,y,n,22

Georgia Cyclone SFoG GA,y,y,23

Thunderbolt SF New England MA,y,y,24

Comet Waldameer PA,y,n,25

Predator Darien Lake NY,y,n,26

Mean Streak Cedar Point OH,y,n,27

The Grizzly Great America CA,y,n,28

Le Monstre La Ronde QU,y,n,29

Rolling Thunder SFGAd NJ,y,n,30

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Texas Giant is on his typos and needed corrections page, and it notes that it will be deleted as it is now steel tracked.


As per the instructions page, concerning typos:


TYPOS/CORRECTIONS: If you find a mistake that is not in the known list

of typos (http://www.ushsho.com/knownwoodballotproblems2011.txt), by all

means let me know at wcoasterpoll@yahoo.com, so that it can be fixed in the final results,

but DO NOT fix it yourself in your ballot as anychanges will prevent a line (coaster)

from being recognized on your ballot by the vote counting program.

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My top 10

El Toro SFGAd NJ,y,y,1

My Favorite Steel Anypark Anywhere **,y,n,2

Boulder Dash Lake Compounce CT,y,y,3

Apocalypse S. F. Magic Mountain CA,y,y,4

Phoenix Knoebel's PA,y,y,5

Thunderhead Dollywood TN,y,y,6

Lightning Racer - T Hersheypark PA,y,y,7

Lightning Racer - L Hersheypark PA,y,y,8

Wooden Warrior Quassy CT,y,y,9

The Beast Kings Island OH,y,y,10


Note: I've never been to Holiday World.

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Whoo-hoo, it's coaster poll time!


1. Phoenix, Knoebel's

2. El Toro, SFGAd

3. T Express, Everland

4. HellCat, Timber Falls

5. The Voyage, Holiday World

6. Raven, Holiday World

[My Favorite Steel, Anypark Anywhere]

7. Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce

8. Prowler, Worlds of Fun

9. Cornball Express, Indiana Beach

10. Thunderhead, Dollywood


Botom two:

Coaster-Express, Parque Warner Madrid

Son of Beast (SBNO), King's Island

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This is my first time trying this out! Looking forward to it!


Robb, last year of the year before, you had some great tip and tricks that you used to categorize, order, etc. Do you remember what year you wrote that or maybe have link to a past thread?


Are you talking about this?



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Poll completed and sent to Mitch Hawker. Thanks to Mitch for making the process smooth and easy.


1. The Voyage Holiday World IN

2. Thunderhead Dollywood TN

3. El Toro SFGAd NJ,y,n,3

4. Ravine Flyer II Waldameer PA

5. Cyclone Astroland NY

6. ....etc. 37 favorites submitted.

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