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Cruising with Theme Park Review 2011

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Ready for something a bit different, but equally as fun as a TPR Trip? The day after Busch Gardens Bash, 44 TPR members set sail on "Freedom of the Seas" out of Port Canaveral, Florida, and for the next 7 days, some insanity took place.


We're here to share it all with you!


Welcome to another installment of Cruising with TPR! This time we are on RCCL's Freedom of the Seas!


When you see this sign on the door... TPR awesomeness is happening in here!


Welcome to the TPR Presidential Family Suite! This is a GREAT way to do a cruise with a group. This suite can hold up to 14 people, it includes 2 "master bedrooms" and two additional rooms. It also features a HUGE living and dining area along with a large patio, hot tub, and bar! You also gain access to the "concierge lounge" where you can get free alcohol every evening! Let's give you a tour...


Here is one of the master bedrooms.


This is our own personal TPR deck!


Another one of the bedrooms in the TPR Suite.


Here is TPR's office for the next 7 days.


Your bartender for the next 7 days will be Robb Alvey.


Now this is a vacation...


"Thank you for the roses, but I am already fancy enough."


Aha! Caught in the act!


It's time for Sail Away!


Sail Away is much better in TPR hot tub!


"Finally, I will have a girlfriend I don't have to pay!"


Many areas of Freedom of the Seas feels like a theme park!


The Royal Promenade is the main section on Freedom of the Seas.


I think I'm aroused by this?


William taking advantage if free alcohol in the concierge lounge.


"You had me at chocolate covered strawberries!"


"This is not a rum & coke.... It's a glass if rum, with a splash of coke!"


Yes, very silly.


Classy dining room meal!


The girls at breakfast!


And not just any breakfast, an RCCL Dreamworks character breakfast!


Shrek hangs out with TPR!


The menu was actually really good!


"I'm only on my third plate of bacon!"


I know Adam prefers Boba Fett...but why not?


William has gotten more pussy on this trip than anyone else!


But really, he's more like the princess.


Family picture!


The view from the TPR Suite!


Bon Voyage TPR!


William presents... Freedom of the Seas!


We will be spending a lot of time here!


Chuck loves the pussy glitter.


It's a Jetpack Joyride tournament! (Piers is winning)


Once again, TPR dominates trivia! All the keychains and ship crap you can handle!


Can William beat the house on the Slot Tournament? "No, William...the House Always Wins!"


Another visit to Sorentos!


Hooray! We know what day it is!


Yes, it's back!!! The salad that is better than "normal sex!!!"


"Yup, better than normal sex!"


"Everyone is having better than normal sex for lunch!"


Yeah, the salad is that good!


Oh, this really makes us miss Japan!


Recently added to Freedom of the Seas is the Cupcake shop which was a huge hit on Oasis and Allure!


Amazing cupcakes!


TPR was here for the cupcake making class.


"We are supposed to turn this into a hamburger with fries ???"


Is it Madonna, Lady Gaga, or Robb Alvey? It's very hard to tell them apart!


Everyone is concentrating... Trying to follow Megan, the cupcake masters directions!


"We're getting there! Time to put the cheese on the burger!"


"Adding the meat to my burger..."


Hooray! It's done! It looks like a hamburger, but it's really a cupcake! Tricky!


This is not quite Elissa friendly...


Aha! NOW it's Elissa friendly!


Joey Ray can't wait to devour his cupcake burger!


Megan, the cupcake master, shows us what it's supposed to look like.


Megan says TPR did a pretty good job!




Ready to eat!


Adam gets the frosting treatment!


Who needs the piping bag... Give it to me straight up!


Round two of the TPR cupcake class!


William is taking this VERY SERIOUSLY!


Frosting FAIL for Allison. She needs to double bag it!


King Julian came to make cupcakes, too!


Two kings, one cup ... cake!




William made a cute little doggy!


Jack made a PISSED OFF puppy.


Great job TPR!


Our next installment will include an Alpine Coaster, the world's longest zipline "over water", and drunk Piers!!!



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Wanted to do a cruise on the Oasis or Freedom this year and it didn't end up happening BUT - I love seeing your updates on here and Facebook! At least I can live vicariously through TPR! Thanks for posting all these awesome pics. That zip-line in Labadee looks like so much fun.


I'm glad Freedom added the cupcake shop... I'm a cake junkie and it was actually one of my reasons for wanting to go on one of the bigger ships after seeing your Allure TR, haha...


Have you guys done an Eastern Caribbean cruise? Do you prefer the Western islands?

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I'm so jealous! This looks like a ton of fun, a cruise is definitely on the to-do list in the future. I can't wait to see the zip line, I saw a few preview pictures on facebook and it looked awesome!

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Soooo ... what are the sleeping arrangements? Who is sleeping with who? Most importantly, who are in Dan and William's bed?


I imagine they are sleeping in there own bed since the cruise was last week. And why do you want to know that anyway, this is Theme Park Review, not the Real World Freedom of the Seas.

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And here is Part 2! Complete with some awesome videos!!!


TPR had a "private party" in The Crypt! Holy crap! Some of these dudes scrub up nicely!




A bodily function?


Take advantage of that free booze!


Drinks were free and poured STRONG! As you can see, Piers is double-fisting it!


TPR members clean up pretty good!


If you want Dan to drink this sugar-filled Rum & Coke - EMAIL HIM NOW!!! mrt0ad13@aol.com


Sorry, kids, fruit punch for you!


Welcome to the TPR cocktail hour!


"This is not a Rum & Coke... It's a glass of RUM... With a splash of brown food coloring! It's amazing!"


Ha! Caught you kids! Only fruit punch for you!


"They blates keep giving me glasses full of rum!"


Are we not men?


TPR's first formal night!


More good looking TPR members... How did that happen???


Big Mike looking good!


The view from our TPR dining area!


"I've found someone to replace Garbles!"


Tonight mystery meat was... BEEF!


"Stacey is very happy!"


"What is happening to me???"


...And I also got a "backup steak" just in case!


"I'm getting Jersey raped!!!"


"Hi Joey!"


TPR Hot Tub Time Machine!


KidTums - 1 : Piers - 0


Tonight was the glow party! BYOG!


"I'm even MORE fancy!"


It's shot night!


First up - brain hemorrhage!


YOU!!! Why did you do this to me???


Next shot - a French kiss! Then we all had to French kiss!


"What is happening???? Why are my pants off???"


Our first port was Royal Caribbean's private island in Haiti, Labadee!


They loaded a lot of carpet onto the ship to repair the damage from last Sundays rocky departure.


Welcome to Haiti!


Labadee has lots of awesome attractions including a zipline and a very rare roller coaster credit!


First up, the Dragon's Tail roller coaster!POV VIDEO!!!!



"It's attached to steel tubular track, has a lift hill, and you coast all the way down!" Does this count as a coaster? Tell us what you think!


This is the worlds longest zipline (that goes over water!)POV VIDEO!!!!



Elissa ready to go on the zip line!


And you get REALLY close to the water!


Chuck actually kicked a wave!


Elissa got some hairtime!


Flying at 50MPH!


The view is incredible!


Next up was the Waverunners!POV VIDEO!!!



I'm blates getting pounded in the A$$ by this machine!


They took TPR out into the middle of the ocean!


Look everyone! Dan is in... THE WATER!!! (hell has frozen over!)


William touched well... um... Jellyfish semen!


Goodbye Labadee! We had an awesome day!


Time to head back to the ship.


This is the most "normal" photo we have ever taken! (It was completely by accident!)


We had some fancy snacks waiting for us in the TPR Suite!


Ok, who made the vagina towel animal???


"Why is there an astronaut in space behind me?"


Tonight's mystery meat was never identified....but it was REALLY GOOD!!!!


Dinner tonight included shrimp gyoza...


...and chocolate shots for Piers!



Piers favourite moment of the cruise!


Hell yeah!!!


Tonight was Piers & Robb's honorary gay wedding.


You may now kiss the bride! But wait... Which one is the bride?!?? If you think you know... EMAIL DAN!!!! mrt0ad13@aol.com


Pool area at night.


The "posh" bar.




"No deal."


The wine tasting vending machines are amazing!


In 2006, Freedom of the Seas was the largest cruise ship in the world!


This is the best photo... ever taken! EVER!!!


"Screw the wine tasting... Blates give me the whole bottle! And where is the straw?!??!"


Tonight was the TPR coloring book party!


This is not a "kids club" coloring book!


We take the coloring book party VERY seriously!


Another TPR Hot Tub party!


Time to play "Strip Apples to Apples!"


KidTums is calling for FuzzBuzz! (it made sense to her!)


It's time to make Adam a real man!


How many TPR members can we cram in one elevator?


Apparently, the heli-pad is made out of TPR members!




It was Brit party night on the Royal Promenade, Piers said it was "Blates terrible" so instead we went to the bar.


And that is where Piers passed out.


Pool party!!!


Piers has a "milkshake in my pants" fetish. We don't ask any questions.


This is the worst picture of Piers ever taken. EVER!


We took over Johnny Rockets.


The burgers at RCCL's Johnny Rockets are amazing!


Piers got up to dance with his partner, the caution sign.




"Did I just dance with an inanimate object?"





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