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11 Inversion coaster-Jinling Happy World Lu'an, Anhui, China

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It seems one of this company's deathcoasters malfunctioned spectacularly over the weekend. I figured it would be better to put it in this thread rather than making a new one. The ride was built in 2005.



All images from coastercrazy.com, where the (Google-translated?) story is. Link.

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Are they the same company who put the ridiculous "roller coaster made in China" label on the sides of trains?

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Are they the same company who put the ridiculous "roller coaster made in China" label on the sides of trains?


Yep. All courtesy of the Hebei Zhongye Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Somehow, I can never see these people going to IAAPA.

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NEWS - 11 Inversion coaster delayed-




The name is revealed as "Journey to the Stars" and it is delayed to 2013, apparently.


The Golden horse "Surfing Boat" water coaster - http://www.rcdb.com/10461.htm - is apparently open, but no pictures.


The fake SLC is still not open, according to RCDB-





Surfing Boat Pic is here


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Have you ridden any of these, TetsuneSonic? Has anybody ridden these? I have some hope these won't be as crappy as they look, but they ARE knockoffs, the water coaster looks like a Mack coaster (I think that's what I'm thinking of?)

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^^ Copy right? What is copy right?


In all seriousness, there is no such thing as copy right laws in China. But dear god that SLC looks PAINFUL!


I know a guy who runs and engineering company that does a lot of international work. When ever they have businessmen from Asia they lock up, move, or simply don't allow them in an areas that might have something they could copy. Just like the Soviets did, the Chinese steal most of their technology from the west.

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Bump. We haven't heard much about Journey to the Stars, but recently, a NoLimits recreation was posted from who I believe is the guy who used to be TetsuneSonic (I think.) I don't know if this guy knows the true layout, but this version of the ride looks pretty good (probably somewhat of an improvement on Colossus if it had been genuine with the newer restraints.) Some things to note-


-The bunny hop is retained

-The cobra roll goes the other way, so the corkscrews are positioned differently

-The ride appears to have been crapified by the addition of a perfectly straight Arrow-esque drop.

-The moving of the corkscrews seems to make the transition into them less twisted based on the Colossus POV


Now, I don't know how the real thing will turn out, but here's the closest thing we have-

(couldn't get the embedding to work)






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