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  1. I got called out by a fudging 15 year on the Dumbest TPR thread...
  2. Is it stupid for being curious as to what the rides look like inside? Sure I shouldn't have been standoffish, but I didn't know he was a mod and we were both at fault. Also, how is it relevant that I commented on a YouTube video about the creator being a dick on his comment section? That's not "dumb", it's just you nitpicking.
  3. It's a shame that you would complain after someone went out of his way to provide pictures of a new park. And you are? I would like to know what the inside of the rides look like too, sure many of us would...no need to be rude!
  4. The creator is a flaming douchebag defender of Six Flags, dismissing Cedar Point...hahhaha!
  5. Lolwut? Who were the commenter's talking about? Surely not Robb...
  6. Apocalypse at six flags New England (I believe) is Iron Wolf but with different colored track. We got rid of Iron Wolf and sold it to Six Flags New England, so it would be kind of a dumb decision to buy it back after one season. My opinion The company sold its own coaster to itself...
  7. Corkscrew back in 2007, the ride broke down multiple times and the lines were too deep to get out...plus it wasn't worth the wait!
  8. A tilt and freefall combo mine train type coaster. It would give the allusion that the ride is collapsing.
  9. Not sure if it qualifies, but can't think of anywhere else to post this...back in 94' or 95 my parents took me to Cedar Point and it seemed like there was literally nobody else there because of the overwhelming heat. I vividly remember having the pirate ship and Bernstein Bears area to myself!
  10. Did the ride operators not have a P.A. system or attendants to go out and force the rider to put it away?
  11. My family and I are vegan, and we make our lunch at "the world's largets Johnny Rockets" (at Knott's, with Johnny Rockets having a vegan burger) the highlight of our day. Replacing any Johnny Rocket's with a Denny's would be p The highlight of your day? Kind of sad on bot accounts.
  12. Ocean Motion is still at the park, they just moved it to the front. That isn't a pirate ship! I'm talking about this.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpsR3Dkrr9M
  13. CP needs dark rides, preferably air conditioned! Miss the pirate ship and Disaster Transport.
  14. I dislike the phrase fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo for some reason, much like shady GameStop manager I used to play cards with...
  15. First time I went to Universal Studios Florida in 95', it was so hot I suffered minor heat stroke before entering the gates and vomited into a planter...
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