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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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I went to a formal dance today, my Junior Ring Dance.


I did a lot of dancing and then they finally slowed things down for a few songs.


Even though me and my date were only friends, that slow dance we had together was hands down... no competition the best moment of my life.

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I was scanning through a list of upcoming Butler Amusements carnivals as I am wont to do, and much to my surprise...


They are providing the midway for my local fair next year!!!


Great news from my favorite carnival company!


Best of all, the reason the fair board chose Butler is that they were willing to offer unlimited ride wristbands all day, every day. That's my favorite setup!


I don't plan to go next year, but this certainly bodes well for the future!

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I'm on one of my many "character highs" right now. Basically, when I find a fictional character that I tend to like or find relateable, I start to take on their voice and personality traits for a couple of days. You can usually tell what character I'm on my checking my avatar at the time, so look to your left for who I am right now.


Call it schizophrenic, multi-personality immaturity, or what you will, but I love it!

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I just found out I'm venturing off to Kalahari with the family sometime next month...AWESOME!

Also, I'm psyched to get an Xbox360 for Christmas!


You'll like Kalahari, I was there last spring. I want to go as soon as I can afford it again.

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