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Too many colors. It makes the screen chaotic.


Is there really such a thing as a water park with non chaotic colors? I mean honestly it make the slides stand out and say GET OVER HERE AND RIDE.


Anyway, I'm absolutely loving this park please continue showing us it's details.


The only waterpark that isn't as eye-popping that comes to mind is Cedar Point's.. Then I remembered Magnum right smack in the middle.

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^ And what would you do to fix it?


That would be Part 2 of constructive criticism.



And since this statement has been bugging me:


It's not there's too many colors in the screen btw. It's the number of CLASHING colors.


None of those colors are clashing. If anyone has taken art classes, the colors used are complimentary to each other via the color wheel.

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I personally think that it looks fantastic.

I don't listen to someone that criticizes everything if they don't have an amazing park to back it up with, because then it just sounds like someone who will bash anything just to look better than they really are.


This park is amazing! Easily one of the best.



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If anything, I think bright, bold color schemes are cool.


Like this for example - my Lakeshore Boardwalk park (which I forgot to export, so I'm in the process of finding all its objects using ParkDat).


Since your water park is obviously un-themed, and therefore doesn't have to feel like it blends in or is hidden, bright colors are okay. You want your guests be attracted to the bright green tube over there and say, "what is that?".

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to me you are the best RCT2 player in this forum.




In all seriousness, this is one of my most anticipated parks ever. It's perfect realism; not too sterile, not too fantastic, and overall believable.

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