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The Official Texas Giant Bash Update Thread!

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The Official Texas Giant Bash has been posted!


Click here: http://tinyurl.com/TPRTexasGiantBash2011




Hey everyone!


Texas Giant Bash is happening right NOW! Here are some photos of the action so far!!


P.S. If you haven't already, be sure to Join the TPR Facebook to see these photos as soon as Robb uploads them!!


Texas Giant Bash has started! Couldn't ask for better weather!!!


TPR says New Texas Giant is AWESOME!!!


Overbank much?


Even Elissa loved it!


New Texas Giant - wood or steel? What do you think?


An amazing Q&A session with SFOT Steve Martindale! Steve says Rattler is the next coaster to get some love from RMC and Big Spin will soon be re-named "Pandemonium."


"Mommy... I don't like kiddie coasters anymore... I want to ride Texas Giant!!!"


"But mommy...I still love Frog Hoppers!!!"


Today is a Flash Pass kind of day!


More photos of Texas Giant from Texas Giant Bash!


TPR loves Texas Giant!


And the Texas Giant trains comfortably fit the Giant TPR members.


Did we mention 14 moments of airtime on this sucker?


This is why you do events with Theme Park Review!


No 3 1/2 hour wait for Texas Giant during TPR's ERT sessions! We limit event ticket sales to keep the lines SHORT!!!


Guess who they are using to promote onride photo sales? Yours truly! (probably why they don't sell many!) :)


SFOT is Adam & Bryan show approved!


Any Knotts fanboys jealous?


More random TPR people and their Q-Bots!


When you see lines like this...


...you need to go here! More to come soon!!

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More photos!!


Six Flags Over Texas is doing "funny money" for games where you buy games with a credit card you get about $60 worth of games for $40! This is awesome!!!


And you can win awesome Domo prizes!!!


Mr. Freeze - still one of the best rides at SFOT!


More New Texas Giant photos!!!


It really is an INSANE first drop! Either in the front or the back row! Either way it's awesome!


Random TPR group photo!!!


‎"We even sprung for the platinum Q-Bot!"


It's SFOT's 50th anniversary, so they put up posters of past attractions!


I'm craaaaaaazy legs! Gimme some candy!


Yay! Defunct credit that I have! :)


What characters are creepier? PAC-MAN land or SFMM's trolls?


I only heard awesome comments about New Texas Giant.


Back seat crew LOVED the New Texas Giant!


‎"The Two Towers."


Soon to be renamed "Pandemonium."


The ride is awesome...the empty queues during ERT is awesomer!


TPR goes crazy for New Texas Giant!


The airtime in the back seat is totally unreal!


BREAKING NEWS!!! Robb is too chicken to ride New Texas Giant!


We call this "Six Flags Over Texas." (Hi Piers!)


Wait...Let's discuss this...


More to come!! Stay tuned!

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Even more photos!!


Don't forget to POST COMMENTS!!!


What an amazing day!


Not Dan Friendly.


Overheard at the park "We should ride this at night when it's dark..."


‎"Flume #1 is too intense for me..."


Do you know what is historical about this ride?


Crap! There's a lot of water in that log!




Mr. Freeze...still totally awesome!


How often do you see a line for Judge outside the tunnel???


This group doesn't care how long the lines are!


Why do you need a Gold Flash Pass you ask? Because of 2 hour waits for Batman, that's why!


More photos of the awesome New Texas Giant!!!


The awesome first drop!


The awesome hill of crazy airtime!


Awesome banked turns!


I wonder if they had to chop away at that steel beam for clearance reasons?


You can kind of see how close it gets...


As you can see there is hairtime all the way up to the very end of the ride!


NTAG is simply awesome!


TPR Trivia has begun! Let's just say that if you haven't experienced a TPR Trivia....you need to!


Prizes included parts from the "old" Texas Giant!


And a few pieces from the "new" Texas Giant!


To win this crap, we voted on who had the best set of man boobs!


Texas Giant Bash group photo! Not sure if I got all 170 of us in there, but we got a lot! You guys ready for more ERT? :)

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More event photos!


KidTums looks a little nervous!




"Nobody ever wins a giant ass panda..."


Mr. Six mask only $4.50 in Looney Tunes mall! Everyone buy one for ERT!!!


Night time at Six Flags Over Texas...


Night ERT on the New Texas Giant will be starting soon...


For all you guys wondering if the wheels hit the bolts, you can see the tire stripe and how much clearance there is!


Night ERT starts with a classic!


Mmmm.... Awesome Schwarzkopf goodness!


TPR loves Schwarzkopf!


"Woah! I swear I didn't touch either of those kids!"


TPR loves Classic Schwarzkopf rides! OR....at least we really tried to! Turns out we broke it...


Ops Supervisor Jeremy was AWESOME and tried everything he could to get the ride going again...but we broke it REALLY good!


But it didn't really matter because we had ERT on New Texas Giant!!!


The verdict is in! New Texas Giant is even MORE INSANE at night!!!


TPR says back of the train...at night...better than kinky sex!!!


The epic airtime has possessed everyone!


ERT on Giant is AWESOME!!!



The die-hards!!! Some of us got even 20+ rides during ERT! Thank you to Six Flags Over Texas!!!!

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Guys, I had an amazing time yesterday, apologies for bailing so early, as I had to run off early due to a family thing, not to mention I was completly wiped out by 4p yesterday, heres hoping I get to see many of you here in the not too distant future..

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My wife and I had an absolutely amazing time time at TGB yesterday. It was our first ever TPR event and we hope it won't be our last. We started our day on the third train out of the station in the morning (the awesome black Caddy train) and finished up our night with Robb on the last train of the night (black again), ending up with 8 rides in the morning and 8 rides at night. Sweet 16.


Thanks to Robb and Elissa for organizing this event and to the Six Flags employees who helped make it awesome!

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This was my first TPR event and I had a blast!

Let me just say, as a SFOT regular, NTAG is amazing! The last time I rode before the update, I came off with pains in my shoulders from banging from side to side, and a massive headache. My first ride of NTAG during ERT yesterday was just in the middle, and for early in the morning, wow. When I came back for night ERT, I rode the front. It was FLYING! I came off so wet from the tunnels. When we got to the top of the lift hill, I couldn't see the track below me. Amazing! Great airtime!


And as far ERT on Shockwave, I didn't break it! (though some of you say so ) I was on both trains that were stuck outside the station waiting for maintenance. It was a great chance to meet people though!

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Mmmm.... Awesome Schwarzkopf goodness!


TPR loves Schwarzkopf!


TPR loves Classic Schwarzkopf rides! OR....at least we really tried to! Turns out we broke it...


Ops Supervisor Jeremy was AWESOME and tried everything he could to get the ride going again...but we broke it REALLY good!


YOU BROKE A SCHWARZKOPF??? That is by far -worse- than breaking a mirror. It means 10,000 years of bad luck.


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For those of you who still do not know what a SFOT spelunker is here is a photo, during the Q&A it was said that this ride might be coming back in the near future.



these creepy little guys are what horrified most kids, caused the rides changing over to Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure. photo via parktimes.com


The New Texas Giant completely awesome and SFOT did a great job of hosting the event, I only wish that they could find a in between of stapling you to the seat and safety, on a few rides I was stapled to the point it was pain full just to sit in the seat and I'm a skinny guy. other than that the ride is a complete win for six flags, my only other wish is that we could have gotten the Shock Wave ERT moved over to "Paper Clip the Ride".

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Robb...Awesome GIANT airtime thanks!


Yesterday was my family's first TPR event, and it was a blast! By the end of the night we were exhausted, but it was so worth it!

Summary of the night...



NTAG ERT - 21 rides - night time ERT was just insane!

QBOT - no 2+ hr lines

Discovering "funny money"


Meeting some great/fun TPR members.

TPR trivia

Wonderful host and hostess

Q&A with Steve Martindale (Hooray for the return of Speelunkers!)

Original logo back on Shockwave




absolutely none!


Bonus pro: got to spend an entire day with my daughter, son and his fiance.


Thank you again!

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