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  1. Sadly i have lived less than an hour from SFOT for my entire life and can't remember all the flags that once flew. More importantly, thank you for the awesome report and pictures. Yet another coaster has been added to my "if I ever win the lottery" dream list.
  2. Elissa....awesome review! As to the stapling: out of the 21 rides I got that day (thank you TPR), i was only staples twice, and it was by the same ride op. But hey at least he was consistent. Even when i was not stapled I was grateful for the firm grip of the restraints. It did NOT detract from the ride one bit. On another note, for me the first drop of NTAG has replaced Titan as the most enjoyable first drop on a coaster. Thank you again Robb and Elissa for an incredible day!
  3. a few randoms from the day... NTAG entrance first drop of awesomeness! thru the re-purposed trees? would you ever see this many smiling faces coming back to the station on the olde Giant? batman as close as I will get to Flashback. is it wrong that this made me smile?
  4. Robb...Awesome GIANT airtime thanks! Yesterday was my family's first TPR event, and it was a blast! By the end of the night we were exhausted, but it was so worth it! Summary of the night... PROS: NTAG ERT - 21 rides - night time ERT was just insane! QBOT - no 2+ hr lines Discovering "funny money" NTAG ERT Meeting some great/fun TPR members. TPR trivia Wonderful host and hostess Q&A with Steve Martindale (Hooray for the return of Speelunkers!) Original logo back on Shockwave NTAG ERT Cons: absolutely none! Bonus pro: got to spend an entire day with my daughter, son and his fiance. Thank you again!
  5. What if we just called it "The Ride Formerly Known as Texas Giant" and then just used a symbol for its new name?
  6. In one respect I would agree with you, it is kind of weird. And it is no longer a true woodie. But....having been around the old Giant since it's opening, I can say that for myself, NTG is the evolution this coaster needed, from an aesthetic standpoint, it is fun to see and feel the "spirit" of the old Giant in this new form. Layout-wise the ride has only been altered to remove one circle of the midcourse double-helix and then drop the remaining helix to under the lift hill instead of around it From the enjoyment angle, this ride has taken a giant leap forward. Compared to it's former (painful) Incarnation this thing is babybutt smooth, brighter,visually interesting, but most of all it is once again FUN! Should every wooden coaster get this treatment? No. But if a woodie is structurally and ride-wise beyond hope, then RMC has provided an extremely viable option to destruction and removal.
  7. Simply put... The ride formerly known as "Spinal Realignment" is no more! It has been replaced with butter-smooth awesomeness. My daughter said it well. "when the old TG hit the break run all you could hear were groans of agony....when NTAG hits the break run all you hear is clapping and cheering!".
  8. Spent the entire day at the park with my daughter yesterday....surprisingly lighter crowds than anticipated...made the FlashPass unnecessary. Rode NTaG 3 times with never more than a 40 minute wait, mostly less. Incredible rides each time. My daughter did at one point suggest that with the levels of mist in the three tunnels Six Flags might want to consider letting one of the body wash manufacturers sponsor the ride and hand out sample soap bars while people wait in the queue. We were solidly damp after each of our last 2 rides.
  9. Made it out to the park with my son and his fiance last night. Only had to wait just over an hour to ride....short review: yes it is that good! bye
  10. If that is true, i know what i will be investing in this weekend. Even one ride this weekend would be so worth the cost of the FP.
  11. just decided on a bonzai trip to the park after work with my son and his finace...crossing fingers they don't shut down the queue too prematurely.
  12. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! TG had been reborn! NTG looks totally awesome! Was going to wait, but now I know I will be readjusting my schedule to be there Sunday morning...no matter the wait in line. The lights look like a great addition to the tunnels.
  13. ^you know what forecast like that in Texas really means don't you? For all we know it might just snow tomorrow. Seriously I envy all y'all that will be there this weekend.....have a blast!
  14. Would love to help but have not owned a working tv in over 15 years. Did at least manage to get this DL'd for offline viewing. Kind of like "coaster crack" until the 14th.
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