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  1. I love the new DCA! The one time I went, I wasn't very expressed, having grown up always visiting WDW. But, I love the new look and the trains are so awesome. Cars Land looks like it is a big hit and it brings out that Disney magic I didn't feel last time I went (May 2009). Time for me to plan a trip to Cali!
  2. Thanks for the post! Lifthill looks sweet! So I see it has basically been put in to that hill.... not trying to ask a dumb question or anything, but is that potentially going to cause any problems later on as the dirt moves? I can't wait to see this up and running! I want to make a trip to Dollywood in the next few years!
  3. Lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits..... But I guess I do understand their reasoning, I mean, losing an eye is pretty bad. But people trying to take pictures on their cell phones during the ride is rediculous.
  4. I was there last Tuesday, and I remember the feel as the trains went over the seems. I sat where you could see the track below (a view I throroughly enjoy), and I wasn't worried about the seams.
  5. Those darn track bolts How often are they changing the wheels are the cars? Oh and don't you know!? Twenty minutes up there is life-changing!
  6. ' Yes, from the video, it showed the blue train. They weren't clear on what the problem was, other than an odd noise heard by the worker. I am curious as to what the issue is myself... and yes, it is kind of nuts how dramatic news is nowadays.
  7. Free water around the park anyway. I haven't heard yet if any of the people are complaining to the park, demanding anything yet.
  8. So I was watching the news tonight, as well as I checked the online news for my local DFW area station WFAA, and I noticed that the HEADLINE news was the fact that the New Texas Giant had to be shut down at the top of the lift. Now to me, I find it odd that this is the latest, greatest, breaking news, but even more so, dramatic. Honestly, according to the news and the article http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/Texas-Giant-coaster-gets-stuck-at-Six-Flags-125302468.html The people were stuck on the hill for about twenty minutes in the Texas heat. Now, as a North Texas native, I understand the July heat this year is brutal, but twenty minutes up there, I would be excited! Great view, check out the track below me. Everyone is acting as though this was a tragic event! The park claims that there are no serious problems, that this was a safety precatution due to an odd noise (any speculation anyone), but other than that, I don't understand the newsworthyness of this. I was stuck on Shockwave TWICE when I was at SFOT for the New Texas Giant Bash ERT and I wasn't bothered. Call me crazy, but I don't see, unless there REALLY is a problem with the ride, what the big deal was. Twice in three days, sounds like regular ride glitches.
  9. You would think people would understand that "single rider line" means "SINGLE rider line". Sort of seems obvious to me. I loved it when I was at SFOT and standing in line for Superman Tower of Power that day I was there with TPR for the New Texas Giant Blast. I went by myself that day, met new people, but since I was a little short on extra cash, I didn't get a flashpash like everyone else. As a regular to SFOT, I wasn't as worried about catching every big ride during the rush of the day, especially with ERT. Most of the day I spent relaxing and walking around, avoiding those rediculous two hours waits. I caught Superman a few times and cut my wait time in half, at least, by standing in the single rider line. Riding with people you know is great, but if you are really just interested in the rides, a single rider line can potentially make your day easier. I was catching the green eye of envy from those others who stood in the regular line and watched me get in line after them and ride a half an hour before them
  10. I want Curry Popcorn!!!!!!! Here in America, we are boring with only "Buttered Popcorn". Orville Redenbacher needs to get more creative! The Japanese has this figured out!
  11. I agree! In Texas, the mist will be greatly appreciated come July. But Saturday, wayyyy too cold. Awesome, but cold. I got soaked up front.
  12. This was my first TPR event and I had a blast! Let me just say, as a SFOT regular, NTAG is amazing! The last time I rode before the update, I came off with pains in my shoulders from banging from side to side, and a massive headache. My first ride of NTAG during ERT yesterday was just in the middle, and for early in the morning, wow. When I came back for night ERT, I rode the front. It was FLYING! I came off so wet from the tunnels. When we got to the top of the lift hill, I couldn't see the track below me. Amazing! Great airtime! And as far ERT on Shockwave, I didn't break it! (though some of you say so ) I was on both trains that were stuck outside the station waiting for maintenance. It was a great chance to meet people though!
  13. Woohoo! I can't wait for tomorrow! This is my first event with TPR! I can't wait to meet everyone and ride Coasters!!
  14. I love it when people create acronyms that make no sense. I personally "Texas Giant All Jacked Up on Steroids" I guess then we could call it TGAJUS
  15. I'm not going Friday night but I am interested in a Flashpass. How many are in your group? I ride everything! SFOT is my home park
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