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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Brent, I have to disagree. Break Sk8 was better! How many dance crews do you know that can dance on Skates?


Anyway, 2 more days 'til my 14th Birthday!!!!! Celebrate! Soon, My birthday will become a National and Bank Holiday!!!


"Sweet 14, I'm going to spread my wings. Sweet 14"!



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I once met a girl named Bob...


true story,


when I was in morgantown, wv seeing my b/f, we went to this club called "The Vice" and I got to chatting with these two girls, one was very chatty, the other was gothic looking and quiet. So I turned to the gothic chick and asked "I'm sorry, I never asked what your name was."


her response in a deep manly voice (serious) "my name's Bob."


turns out the gothic chick was a dude and the other girl gets a "thrill" from dressing up guys.


He sure fooled me.

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^^ Hey Craig!


Been awhile. Hope alls well over where you are.


That "almost" sounded like you had met the male Goth contestant from The Amazing Race - what was his name again? But his voice wasn't deep, as I remember.




Opera is playing in the background on CBC Radio 2. Live At The Met!


That's random enough for me right now.

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I was watching Jurassic Park 3 earlier on TBS, I can't believe the ending of that movie. They're being pursued by the raptors, they give them their eggs, and then this dude comes with the navy and the marines and they fly home on a helicopter. Sorta reminds me of what my sister says about the ending of I Am Legend, it ends like it runs into a brick wall while running from a monster.

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^ Nice to see ya back, Craiggers!


Anyway...random...um...OK...I found all of my Compact Flash cards.




thanks Eric, good to be back.


^^ Hey Craig!


Been awhile. Hope alls well over where you are.


Hey man, things are better since I moved back home. I can never live in Las Vegas again...I do miss the friends out there, but that job out there totally shafted me

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