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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I have to get a 5-7 page global project done, write two 1000 word essays, and do a math practice regents. Tomorrow is my last day of school before I go to Hawaii, so I have a bunch of crap to do. I won't be making it to bed tonight.

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Do you know how hard it is for a zombie to find work in this town?!?


Yeah I do as for I am having difficulty finding gainful employment as a member of the living dead. Anyone want to start a Zombie Rights group with me? wait Zombie is too "politically incorrect" how about a "Living Impaired rights group?

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I just came up with some kind of contest for bored College students.


All participants would get $10, and go to a Dollar Tree or 99 cent store, and buy as much as they can. Then, they would sell it all on eBay. Whoever gets the most money from the sales wins!


Note that this came from a random moment of pure insanity.

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