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How did you end up here???

How did you get here?  

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  1. 1. How did you get here?

    • Google is my best friend! (post what you searched for!)
    • Found you from another site (which site?)
    • Was told by a friend (are they STILL your friend?) =)
    • I don't remember. I wandered aimlessly around the internet and landed here!
    • Other (tell your story and it BETTER be good!)

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Believe it or not, via my parents!!


We've always been coastery people. I think I first saw TPR when it looked different. Red writing I think? Seeing Robbs 2002 Colossus/Alton video.


I've kinda seen a lot of coaster sites grow from their early days. Its mad how much they've all grown.

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I don't think I've posted in here yet...


It was several years back, I was on Google looking up roller coasters. I remember finding the video "Things Not to do on a Coaster", and finding it hilarious being a 10-or-so year old. So I hung around the site for a year or two, looking at every trip report and video, checking every update posted. I finally joined about 3 years ago.


Love the site, so happy I found it.

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