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  1. I saw robbalvey on youtube long time ago before I cared that much about roller coasters. Then 2 months ago, I saw it again on youtube and decided to check out the site and ended up loving it.
  2. I like every coaster I go on except (ghost rider and desperado). You guys must have really high expectations.
  3. Im not visiting Knotts until Xcelerator opens. I was planning to visit it during Christmas break but I think I'll wait.
  4. What exactly are trims on a roller coaster? just wondering because I have heard that term a lot
  5. i lol'd at this xD I think this coaster looks pretty cool because its different then all those hyper coasters.
  6. the longest and tallest coaster it says O_o It wouldn't be a strata coaster then. It would be a giga coaster i guess
  7. Im 15 and I can go on any ride on the west coast as much as I want and it doesn't hurt with the exceptions of Ghostrider and Desperado
  8. haha, I was wondering that as well I believe it would be where the station is but i don't know.
  9. you have very different opinions then i do. my order would be for top 5 1) X2 2) Tatsu 3) Terminator 4) Goliath 5) Scream!
  10. I wish Knotts would get a hyper coaster but that would be just too good to be true.
  11. I like Scream a lot. My only complaint is it really doesn't have any scenery
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