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The Boomerang Challenge

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this is a bit off subject but since were talking boomerangs, I will go ahead and mention this.

I thought Magnum was the first roller coaster to exceed 200 feet in height. But Moonsault Scramble @ Fuji-Q Highland, a boomerang, operated from 1983-2000. Stood 230 ft. tall.

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^^ As Martha would say "thats a good thing."


I'll be adding two more of these fantastic creations to my belt in a few weeks on the Texas trip, and with luck that'll be the only two I add this year.


Just looked at my list and it appears I've been on 11 Boomerangs, so it'll be lucky number 13 later this summer.

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I've been on one giant inverted boomerang (SFNE's Goliath) and then six standard ones.


Of the boomerangs, Goliath is easily the best and I found it to be a very smooth and thrilling experience. Then I enjoy the ones at the Great Escape and Darien Lake (it must be something about New York haha).

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I have finally added two boomerangs to my list and a inverted boomerang.

What is strange by this is that when I hopped on Boomerang at SFFT, I was really expecting it to be worse than Sidewinder, but in fact it was actually pretty good! It wasn't rough, didn't slam into the brakes at the end, and seemed re-rideable. Then I rode the relocated one at SFStL and while it was slightly worse than the other one, it was still better than Sidewinder. When I got back from my trip, I re-rode Sidewinder and it seems like it improved slightly while I was on my trip and went back to be my #1 boomerang. Here is my ranking:

1. Sidewinder

2. Boomerang (SFFT)

3. Boomerang (SFStL)


As for the suspended boomerangs, even though Kings Island's doesn't have a habit of stranding people like Stinger, it was pretty crappy compared to it. It may have had a new paint job, but the station looked like it could use some work.


1. Stinger (DP)

2. Invertigo (KI)

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Sadly my standard boomerang count has increased from 14 to 17 since I started this thread with the addition of 'rangs from:


Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas (I'm totally counting it twice)

Six Flags St Louis


Here's hoping my count stays the same.

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I have accumulated a few of these boomerangs. Unfortunately 7 of them are named boomerang(or almost boomerang) .


1. Goliath - Six Flags New England


Inverted Boomerangs:

1. Stinger - Dorney Park

2. Invertigo - Kings Island



1. Bat - Canada's Wonderland

2. Carolina Cobra - Carowinds

3. Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Darien Lake

4. Boomerang Coast to Coaster - The Great Escape

5. Sidewinder - Hershey Park

6. Boomerang - La Ronde

7. Zoomerang - Lake Compounce

8. Sea Serpeant - Morey's Piers

9. Boomerang - Six Flags Fiesta Texas

10. Flashback - Six Flags New England

11. Boomerang - Six Flags St. Louis

after this weekend(WCB)

12. Boomerang - Knott's Berry Farm

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