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Back in the day crushes?

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I stole this topic from MiceChat but who cares ...


Back in the day, growing up in the late 70's / early 80's there were alot of "girls" I had crushes on.


Debbie Gibson

Martika (from kids incorporated)

Valerie Bertoneli (From one day at a time)

Nelly (From Little House on the Prarie)

Jamie Gertz (She was in this movie Rollerbabies ... grrrowl, I don't think she is as attractive now days)


I know there are more I can't think of.


What were some of your "Back in the day" crushes?

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but I was a kid in the 80s!

and there was a 90s show tossed in to the mix!

Brendon Fraiser. omg..he was so hot in the movie "School Ties". lost it in "Encino Man" but got it back in "The Mummy".

and Jennifer Connelly looked very hot in "The Rocketeer". must have been the 50s fashions.

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I was totally in love with Matt Brown from "Don't Just Sit There" on Nickelodeon. I was 9ish, and the crush only got stronger once he cut off his mullet!!

As for now...Brendan Frasier and John Corbett (Northern Exposure, My Big Fat Greek Wedding) are about it. And I've had a "non-sexual crush" on Drew Barrymore for years hehe


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Ok I will get smacked for this first one, lol


Joey MacEntire and Jordan Knight from the New Kids on the Block (THEN)


Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell (THEN)


Paul Walker from Fast and the Furious (NOW)


Orlando Bloom (He is THE hottest man on the planet) (NOW)


Kirk Cameron (yeah still hot) (THEN)


Ok yeah I can't help it too many HOT men out there.



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Debbie Gibson, Jaime Gertz (lost boys), Cheryl Tiegs, Jane Seymore,

Marsha Strassman ( the anorexic wife of Gabe Kaplan in welcome back kotter.)

Maryanne of Gilligans Island, Stephanie Seymore, Linda Fioreintino,

and, when suffering from the flu with a high fever, Marie Osmond, ( she looked hot with a fever of 105+.)

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When I was ten I had huge crushes on Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg in the Three Men And A... films. Never realised at the time how odd that was. I also had a big crush on Chris Barrie, which to be honest has never left me. As far as women go, Alicia Silverstone in Clueless can't be beaten. I was nine or so when I saw that and even then I realised she was beautiful. Plus I always wished I had that many clothes.

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Jennifer Connelly has a nice body and face, but she's got major man hands, as I noticed in the Incredible Hulk. She was super hot in the Rocketeer and Career Opportunities.


My list:




1. Tiffany Amber Theissen

2. Sarah Michelle Gellar

3. Alyssa Milano

4. Erika Eleniak

5. Madonna



1. Elisha Cuthbert

2. Kelly Clarkson

3. Kristen Kreuk

4. Michelle Trachtenburg

5. Katherine Heigl

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oh my gosh... this is really going to make look old....


Shaun Cassidy

Philip McKeon (from "Alice")

Scott Baio


plus, in the late 80's, when I was about 19/20 I had this HUGE crush on this guy who used to play for the Reds, named Kurt Stillwell. I pretty much stalked the poor guy, for which I feel like a total ass. He lives in San Diego now, so if any of you Californians know who he is, please tell him I am sorry for stalking him.



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