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Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Final Edition!


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Howdy Folks! Great news for you. I am required to mail two packages as part of a clandestine shopping assignment and you could be the beneficiary!


I have one to mail tomorrow and one on Saturday, sooooooo....If you want a sack of stuff from my adventures this year, post and tell me! It might include something cool, it might not. But tell me quickly, I will randomly select two to give away later tonight so be prepared to send me you address ASAP!


Good Luck!



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Woot woot! Thanks for playing everyone!!


The winners are.....


rolercstrluvr and adamico2


Please PM me your address, preferably by 11am tomorrow and I will get this in the mail. I'll have more ops in the future to send out stuff and usually its a moments notice so if you didn't win this time, keep trying!!

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New Year, New Adventure!


I made it to closing day for the 2012 season at SFOT for my annual pilgrimage to Anton's Holy Shrine: Shockwave. And possibly checkout the rest of the park.


Shockwave looks great in it's new colors as does the bobsled thingy. Not much in terms of getting the site ready for the 400ft tall monster, but I'm sure that won't start for a few more weeks.


So what do you say, let's get to it!


Meh, close enough.


Hello La Vibrator Back Killer Chiropractor Thingamajig. You are looking fantastic.


I'm actually very impressed.


Up to the front gate we go. Hey, wait just a @^@#$^(@#^&) minute! WTH?!?!


Fingerprint scanners have made there way to SFOT, but apparently the public is too stupid to understand how it works and they weren't being used when I got there. I guess there is always next season.


Anyway, be on the look out for them at a park near you.


Nice chilly afternoon for some Bunny's and Comic Book Hero's


Pando has lost it's screen since my last visit. Oh well, no big loss really. I mean seriously, I'm probably the ONLY one that has noticed it's gone. It did nothing for the ride under it's now, 3rd new name.


Adventure Theater presents:


Holiday in the park is known for two things, Food (the kind made by outside vendors that's really freaking amazing)


And the closure of Mr Freeze and Batman. The park is JAMMED especially on Saturday. I really hope the park considers throwing the cold weather wheels on Batman next year. They could use the ride capacity.


Anyway, before we go visit the shrine, how about some construction.


I guess you can call it cleaning up.


Or call it abandoned.


I call it dirt.


Anyway, it's now time to visit Anton's Holy Shrine, this year with more green.


Lots and lots of bright glorious green.


If this doesn't turn you on, honestly, I don't know what will. (And please, don't tell me)


She's been cleaned up, greased up, and ready to please.


Just look at those curves.


Perfectly shaped in every way.


What a great set of legs. They just don't make them like they used to.


It's like fine wine.


Are you green with envy of me yet?


The best set I've seen to date.


That's a whole lot of sex appeal there.


I think I need a shower, too bad the flume is closed. But looks like there are some lights to look at.


I seriously hope they have already taken some of them down because the lighting was kinda sad and pathetic. You know, like you.


I mean yeah.


Moving on.


So I had taken video of the loading process. But, there is so much of it out there it wasn't worth my time to render and upload. I mean if you want to see it, tell me, if I get enough yay's I will. Timed at about 2:10 from entrance to exit.


You can see that a new button panel has been added on a stand next to the main control panel.


Good night sorta new Texas Giant.


Goodnight green superman, see you March 2nd.

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